For those with painful feet have a question..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kimba4318, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    before posting this I did a search and still had a question. Those of you with the pins and needles feelings and pain in your feet.. I feel kinda like I dummy but...

    My feet were hurting, felt like they were in a vice, so I go to put them up and rest them. I must have sat here for 30 minutes, IN tears - they were going numb (but in a bad way) and felt like they were being crushed and little needless were getting me all over.

    My children were arguing so I had to get up and resolve that situation.... a few minutes after I got up, still have the numb feeling, but the weird pain eased up alot.

    Do you all find that pressure or support eases it up a bit? God knows how long I would have sat there crying, if it was not for my kids needing me.

    Don't know why I am posting this,,,just feel like a dork!
    (sorry I wasted your time .. I'm a dork :)
  2. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Hi Kimba,

    I have pain in both my feet and ankles everyday, but not the pins and needles kind of pain.

    However, sometimes it feels better for me to keep walking on them and keep them "loose" than to put them up to rest.
    Especially in the morning when I first get up.

    Even after a foot soak or having them up a while, the pain never goes away.

    I don't think I helped you, but I hope you find an answer.

  3. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    you did help me. You are saying yours do feel better when moving around. I guess I just thought if they were hurting that bad at the time, I thought walking in them would near kill me.
    Think my ambien is kicking in - no more dumb question, promise!

    Thank you for your response I appreciate it!
  4. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    The marshall protocol was a life saver for my feet. You can search the protocol on the net if you want to learn more.

  5. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    thanks jarjar - will do
  6. janieb

    janieb New Member

    with fibro. In fact, I've had surgery on one foot. I have corns on most of the joints in the bottom of my feet. However, this is caused by being hyperflexible. There is a name for this disease and the first part is Ehler's.

    It amazes ma that the foot surgeon didn't know that and skip the surgery, since it did absolutely no good.

  7. monamea

    monamea New Member

    Kimba 4318

    Good morning to you and others with this problem. My feet get the same pain, they say mine is because of the Lymphedema in my legs. Last week I had a ganglean cyste taken off my big toe boy is that painfull. Anyway, my doctor put me on provigial that I take in the morning, I find it helps alot. I also find that it is worse when I am on my feet to long and when the weather changes. I put my feet up as much as I can during the day and than I get up and keep going until bedtime. Some days are good and some are not. I have learned to live with it, because I haven't found a cure for it. I hope this helps!
  8. angiecw71

    angiecw71 New Member

    The only dumb question, is the one not asked. So quite saying you are a dork...

  9. Rigmor

    Rigmor New Member

    I have suffered dreadful pain in my feet, but my left foot was almost crippling me. I had one surgeon do an exploratory op to check for Morton's Neuroma. After the op, he told me that when he opened my foot up (from the top) near the little toe, he found I had a hole in the ligament. He cut the ligament but did nothing about the Morton's Nueroma so I was left worse than before. I was getting worse and could barely walk for 5 minutes without excruciating pain when I was put in touch with another surgeon, who was an expert in Morton's Neuromas. This man removed two neuromas from my left foot. This op was done from the sole of my foot, so it took a long time to heal. This was last June and I am now able to walk, go to the gym, etc. I can't say that I am painfree but I'm a heck of a lot better than I was, therefore very grateful. I think with the Fibro we tend to feel pain a hundred times more than other people, so what would be just normal sore feet to anyone else becomes pain that makes you want to cry. I think that applies to all our other pains too. One thing I find very strange about my condition is the fact that I am able to walk, go to the gym etc, yet when I've been sitting for more than ten minutes I seem to stiffen right up and have difficulty getting my legs to work properly for the first few minutes. Is this a common problem for fibro sufferers?
  10. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Mine is caused from the ra and the nerve damage from a herniated disc in my back. Hope that doesn't discourage you.
  11. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Thanks EVERYONE for your input & advice...

    janieb: Sorry to hear that the podiatrist did that. I have seen alot of ppl. get worse - I wish it had helped you :-(

    monamea - I am glad your med is taking the edge off. I guess we really do learn to live with it & I do think I was on my feet too much yesterday.hmmmm

    angiecw71 - okay I'll stop :)

    Rigmor - so glad the 2nd doc helped you/ I stiffen up everywhere big time. I do think it is the Fibro. It's a bad cycle - hurts to move, but if you don't move, you get worse (on and on and on). My right leg has been giving out alot lately. Frustrating.

    Caffey - I do have some herniated discs - maybe that is adding to the foot problem (the pain is very nerve like)

    Thank you all again!!!
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  12. blonderescue

    blonderescue New Member

    Hi Kim

    I had painful feet back when I worked full time. The only cure was to put them up for a while. could have sworn someone beat me on the bottom of my feet while I was asleep! Not a problem now, I get much more sleep and dont have to walk so much each day.

    If feet or toes turn blue, even after rest and wiggling them, you may need to get to doc. I dont know what conditions you have so cannot advise but would be concerned if toes/foot turn blue. Blue toes are a problem - and can lead to gangrene (due to loss of blood to affected area) and sometimes loss of toe or foot.

    Not trying to scare you, trying to make sure you get it checked out if you need to.

    Please do not be alarmed. I could be way off target. Just trying to help.

    You could try keeping off your feet for a bit when it hits, or getting more rest.

    I hope this helps.



  13. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Thanks Kaz.. I will keep an eye on the color too. Thank you for your response! Sleep really does play a part in my pain levels, as it does for you too, I guess.
    Thanks a bunch!
    Take Care!
  14. snooker11

    snooker11 New Member

    my pain begain in my feet. They have gotten better and less sensitive the better I have been generally feeling . They still hurt - but not as bad - and I walk on them nonetheless. get the most comfortable pair of shoes you can find - i have those Merrill fuzzy slip ons, and also a pair of mephisto sandals, and also these cheap sneaker slip ons that are so lightweight and cushy.
    I massage them daily, and of course take hot baths also.
    I find that the better I sleep, the less my feet and everything else hurts.
  15. sewcrafty

    sewcrafty New Member

    The name you are looking for is Ehler's Danlos Syndrome.

    It is a connective tissue disorder. I have it on top of Fibro, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, CFS and about 20 other illness's..

    The Elher's or EDS for short causes our muscles to loosen up around the bones and it make our joints to sublax and that is why I'm very clumsey and falling down, straining or spraining my ankles,my hip goes out of place and causes me to have SI joint dysfunction in my hip, which causes imbalance in turn causes the foot pain and now I have a neuroma and can barely walk.

    Its a no win situtation, and I'm still trying to work a 40 hour a week job. Pain pills and 4 muscle relaxers just to get to work. Then drunk from all the med's..... good thing I have an understanding boss.

    Take care and have a Blessed Day !
  16. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I'd probably see a neurologist to rule out a pinched nerve in your spine.
  17. johnston

    johnston New Member

    a lumbar spine exam. The sitting could have created even more pressure on a nerve. Also there is a thing called diabetic neuropathy. Tingling and pain are usually due to either a nerve deficit or a circulation deficit (which is why the cold or blue toes were mentioned---kinda like putting a rubber band around a finger).....Anyway, if the pain is fm only--Lyrica may help. With fm you just never know where the pain is coming from. The mistake is to assume that all your pain is always fm. Pain is your body's cry for help (just as if you touched a hot eye on the stove). The caution here is that just as a smoker should not assume all coughs are "smoker's cough" and miss a symptom of lung cancer; and a migraine sufferer should report changes in his/her headaches and not assume that they are merely migraines, the same is true for fm....It sounds like you had some irritation to a lumbar nerve. The human body is an amazing and mysterious thing. I once had an excruciating pain from my back to my leg when I bent over. I was afraid to stand up straight for a few minutes but then the rest of the day was fine. I went on my merry way and never had that pain again. Go figure.
  18. may be able to help w/out seeing a neuro. I had horrible* pins & needles in my legs & feet, then my feet began to BURN like I had thousands of tiny hot burning coals deep in the tissue, I would literally "dance" standing in the kitchen, I went outside on the cold wet porch once, I'd ice them (til PAINfully numb--better than the burn)

    The pins-n-needles was dx'd as "neuropathy" not real specified. I have a herniated disc at L5, arthritis & bulging discs C5-7, but, here's the odd thing, I was on high doses of several different anti-convulsants for Trigeminal Neuralgia (excrutiating facial nerve pain, often but not always due to MS)---but, they NEVER took the EDGE of this foot pain

    The pins & needles, I attributed to slow/poor circulation, the burning--?? My mom has fibro and has that to a way milder degree, and doesn't have it everyday like I did...

    I went on Lyrica up to 300mgs, until I could no longer take the side effects (blurred scattered terrible vision 'blackouts' or 'blurrouts" and...severe body jerking & twitching, which I'd had to a milder degree, until Lyrica. Now I have to take meds to stop the jerking at night.

    ANYWAYS--here's the weird thing--I'd also had pins & needles, or complete* numbness in my fingers, that was getting worse....

    Lyrica--the numbness/pain/burning feet started out reduced by 30-40%, once I was up to 300mgs....It went away!!!

    After a very* "convulsive-like" body jerk, which shot me up out of bed, and caused my head to violently shake side to side for a few split seconds, then drop right back onto the bed...I was forced to stop Lyrica immediately ---

    I was terrified the foot pain would return, and numbness in my hands. The pain in my feet, well...had me constantly thinking thoughts I don't normally have, because I could not take it anymore.

    I also do not get the Pins & needles in my legs often...(sitting on potty for a minute will do it, but even hubby gets that, & he's healthy---circulation)

    Other than that though, even though Lyrica was a nightmare for me, re: permanent side effects---I cannot explain, and really don't care--I'm just thrilled, that for whatever reason, my pins & needles are gone, & burning as well.

    Also, please check ANY medications you're on, you would be suprised (or maybe not) to find out that some medications even cholesterol drugs & heart meds, can CAUSE neuropathy,

    I even saw it as side effect of some anti-convulsants---and here they are being used to TREAT nerve pain!

    So, definitely see your doc, & maybe a neuro, but also if you're on ANY medications, search the net (and try more than one site--I had to go to 3-4 before I found out Provigil was causing SEVERE pain at my pancreas, finally saw it "abdominal pain" listed.

    Also, Topamax, to my knowledge, never HAD "hair loss" listed,----least my neuro certainly never told me, nor pharmacist, & both played dumb when asked---it was a forum, of regular people posting--as well as ppl here, that I learned it was indeed* causing my severe* hair loss. I still lose hair due to thyroid, etc probs, but not the way I was on Topamax.

    Best of luck to you, & hugs

  19. I just saw where you said you did a search before posting--did you search your meds/supplements??

    Anyways, Johnston is correct, absolutely, a lot of what gets blamed on MS & fibro, for me, I have read myself on the internet, that pinched nerves/disc problems can also cause......doctors know I have all of this, but never mention the simpler (ha! simpler--certainly NO LESS painful!) answer--I do still have excrutiating nerve pain (just solid, almost constant nerve pain) in my legs--down to the knee or so, from my S.I. joints/lower back, as well as hip pain & severe burning in the right buttock area behind the hip...

    Yes, disc problems can cause abnormal reflexes, an absent reflex (achilles area) hyperreflexia, etc..

    I hope you find the cause & a solution soon. Glad at least standing up/walking helped...
  20. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Many years ago I could barely drive home my feet hurt so bad and I was really crying.

    I went to a podiatrist who dx planter's faciitis. I also have born spurs on the bottom of each heel and the back of one heel. That's when I had my orthotics made to go in all my shoes. He also suggests wearing tennis shoes to get more support around the foot.

    I can't walk well or stand long when my feet are like this. I have to sit with my feet up to stop the throbbing, stabbing pain, needle feeling or numb feelings I get.

    A couple of suggestions:

    Freeze a 2 liter bottle of water and roll it under your feet or place them on an ice pack.

    Do a soak in hot water with epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide.

    And please don't put yourself down we've all been there and done that! LOL

    Take care,

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