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    I don't really belong on this board anymore as I am treating lyme. One of the tests done by my lyme doc was my first MRI. This showed severe white matter disease, doc suggested MS.

    Saw neuro yesterday and we looked at the MRI together - so many lesions - (CFS nine years and nothing wring with me!!!). He only found one lesions that looked like MS so booked me for an "Evoked Potentials" test.

    The really interesting part is I mentioned the severe sensitivy I have four sound, so bad that it keeps me out of stores and away from family and friends, well, it actually has a name, it is called "Hyperacusis". I know thier used to be many people here suffering from this so just though I would pass on the information. Here are a couple of websites, hope it helps someone.

    regards maps
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    Oh my how I HATE my sensitive hearing!!!

    My husband just does NOT understand how bad it HURTS when something is to loud.

    Thank you for the info.
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    Hi maps,

    I also have sensitive hearing. I can't stand anyone talking to me when I first wake up and I can't stand a loud tv or kids screaming, etc.

    Just like you, I also found out that my fatigue, pain, etc was caused by a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme).

    Hyperacusis is a common lyme disease symptom because the chronic infection affects the cranial nerves.

    Anyone with hyperacusis (or FMS or CFS) should read the following paper thoroughly.....symptom list p about common tick borne coinfections p 22-27.....

    CFS and FMS are likely caused by an infectious agent, and very possibly it is borrelia burgdorferi and associated coinfections.

    Find and treat the cause.......and you have a chance of recovery.

    Thanks, maps!

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