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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkquartz, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. pinkquartz

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    hi was wondering how you are ?
    sometimes i don't come onto the board for a while if i'm ill or overtired
  2. Tiffin

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    Thanks for your message and hope you are feeling a bit better. I know that expecting to feel miles better is probably too optimistic.

    Good news from here is that my son has got over his latest nervousness and seems in much calmer form now. I think it was agreat help that I calmed down about him as a result of your reassurances.

    I'm a bit wonky at present as my Dad is siffering from very bad depression and as I am his main support, it is draining me a lot. We are very , very close and get on really well so it goes through me when he is in bad form. Also, my poor Mother is a worry as she is finding it hard to cope. They are both in their eighties so its hard just to wlak away from it and mind my own health.

    I seem to tbe responding to Tertroxin (Thyroid T3) and an Enzyme which my consultant prescribed nearly 3 weeks ago and have a bit more energy but the parental thing is beginning to drain me again. I've got to learn to stop worrying so much. It sems to be part of my make-up as I was always like this.

    I'm bringing my Dad to his psychiatrist today and that is a big ordeal so I just hope I survice without too much of a backlash.

    People often seem to forget, don't they, that you can't just liver in a vacuum and get on with 'minding yourself' when there are dependants around.

    Are you a mad worrier or have you found ways of coping with this? Any tips, if you have???

    I think I'll put up a message about children and effects on them of Mother with ME as it seems to have hit a cord with a few people and touches the very depths of the heart. It was buried in my question about the allergies and it was the thing that people picked up on.

    Re e-mailing, I'd be delighted to do that but how do we exchange e-mails? I think getting into Private chat room at a time which would suit both of us would be the way. Are you in US. If so what sort of time difference is there, I wonder.

    Look forward to hearing from you. And so many thanks for you back-up