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    Ok, this is very "logical":

    Let's see, Americans spend about $6,000 a year on educating children. Before 12 years many drop out and can't pass a GED.

    How to be sure all American kids can pass the GED?

    If we just put the $6,000 yearly into a trust fund (instead of spending on school)and added extra money from sending the little brats/darlings to work at MacDonald's the results would be astounding.

    $6,000 x 12 years = $72,000 (in lieu of school expenses for 12 years)

    about $4,000 x 12 years = $48,000 (earned work income)
    $100,000 to kid's trust fund

    It's a general rule of thumb that money in bank doubles about every twelve years thru interest.

    Therefore, the $100,000 would become, roughly, conservatively, $200,000 by the time the kid is 20 years old.

    Make the kid wait awhile to collect trust fund and the kid could retire easily at 30 years old with about half a million.

    Please check with a retirement planner about accuracy of this plan. Maybe someone can figure out with more precision.

    Oh, the kid has to pass the GED.

    Cheers, your mr Bill

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    Will half a mill last the 'kid' its entire lifetime after that?

    Im am very bad at math...

    God Bless

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