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    sorry to hear about all your problems, it kind of reminds me of a time in my life not to long ago.
    just to mention in 1984 i was in paramedic school and we had to go in and start iv's and intubate patient's with the CRNA. the 1st time i went to the or to do the skills i was amazed at what the nurse anesthetist did and the skills they had. from that moment on i wanted to become a CRNA. but a situation like you mentioned blew me out of school then. so in 1993 i finished my pre-med credits and was working in an emergency room for 1500 hrs of patient contact that is required for physician assistant's programs, and was married to a flight attendent with the same situation again. then i got sick with this C.F.S. and divorced. here is set with only 2 years to finish PA school and no way due to the C.F.S. symptems to finish.
    we used to call the or for a NA, if we had a hard iv stick. it would make the ER nurses mad as hell to watch the NA start the iv in one shot. anyway i have always looked up to CRNA'S i think it is a pretty cool deal.
    good luck txfmmom bill m. in kcmo
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    I used to teach paramedics and EMT's to start IV's. They would come for three days, and we would work at the IV station.

    Since we did 50 cases a day, they got to see maybe 30. We started on the easy ones, and by the third day, they were doing the harder ones.

    Also taught airways and intubation. Then, I had a severe reaction to RIfampin, the ambulance came and it was one of my paramedics I trained. HE SAID, OH SHIT. I was shocky, and knew they would never get an IV.

    Told them to give me oxygen and get me to the hospital stat and they did.

    The CRNA's couldn't get an IV at first, and just intubated me, with a pediatric tube, I might add, as I was too swollen for an adult, an gave me epi down the tube, and then did an IJ stick.

    I really, really miss working, and I have become really pissed at my husband. It is really good for him that I am not working.
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    we ran 140 patients every 12 hr shift in the er where i was at. the could not keep staff so the nurses they hired were very borderline for the er. things like i would have to figure a dopamine drip for a pt crashing in ct from bad trauma. i almost got fired one night, there was a couple that had a 1 year old with febrile seizure's and stop breathing. they were in 2 times a week then one night the charge nurse was one i had to start iv's for and put in ng tubes for, her skills were bad and dangerous, any way no one would get up to help the little girl (bethany was here name) so i started a cephalic butterfly line for an iv then a life flight nurse showed up and the charge nurse came in and chewed me out so the parents told her to write me up they would talik to hospital administration for me. it was forgot about. bethany died later that week and iwent to her funeral.
    im like you i miss the er so bad, they got to where a couple of the er docs would let me do things like suture and prep for a chest tube or due everything except push it in. i dated a plastic surgeon for a while and got to remove a big tattoo with a lazor for free.
    delivered 2 baby's in the parking lot by myself, i do miss it.
    does your husband appreciate what you went through to become a CRNA ? take care txmmom
    bill m in kcmo

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