$$$ for WPI – vote daily now in Vivint Round 2!

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    WPI is a very strong contender to win at least $100,000 – but is starting to have strong competition in the Vivint charitable giving contest. The other group appears to be cheating too. Please don't let this opportunity get away. Everyone, anywhere in the world, can vote for WPI in the contest. You just need a Facebook account (takes minutes to open one or use the one you have!).

    Here is WPI’s link: http://www.vivint.com/givesbackproject/charity/769

    It’s going to take all of our support. This is free money, at no cost to any of us, and the research that it could fund could change all our lives. Please take part!

    There are five regions of North American in the contest. WPI is strong in its region (Pacific), but there are orgaizations catching up. (The overall winner in the Pacific region will get $100,000).

    You can also read about this at http://phoenixrising.me/forums/showthread.php?12310-for-WPI-–-vote-daily-now-in-Vivint-Round-2!

    Please vote daily.
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    Thanks so much for the reminder! I just voted and will vote again tomorrow. I hope that my friends and family on my Facebook will vote too. I plan to bug them about it, lol! Awesome post!

    Thanks again, Julie :)

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