? for younger patients - pain relief other then Ultracet/Tramadol

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    Directed toward the younger set of FMS'ers or anyone else experienced in treating young people with pain disorders.

    I'm 22 now, and I’ve been on Ultracet for awhile (5 or 6 years) and its worked at varying levels of okay for me in that time period. But lately, the Ultracet is barely getting me through the day and still I have to struggle to do simple household tasks. I'm not sure whether the pain, the lack of good rest because of the pain, has been causing poor sleep habits. It's hard to rest because of the pain. At this point I feel like I’m really not functioning in my life. I can't drive anymore because of dizziness, exhaustion and pain, and its difficult to get out to run one or two errands even when someone else is driving. And any long car trips? They are either out of the question or have to be so important that I’m willing to pay the increased pain price that I am awarded.

    I'm just not sure what to do right now. I've tried so many things, seen so many doctors, but everything is just going down while, especially when I think about where i was 4 years ago. I was bad but not this incapacitated.

    So basically my question is what other options SHOULD my doctors be willing to talk to me about? Is anyone else close to my age on something stronger that allows them to live their lives?

    I'm interested in other peoples (especially those close to my age) regemins that allow them to work and drive and go out without worry that you could collapse at any moment?
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    something different like tylenoyl #3 or hydrocodone 5. I was young once and had horrid cramps and was give lortabs 5 's and T3's. so I would say you need to talk with your doctor and explain that your pain meds are not working for you and is there someting else that you can take? I see a pain doctor and I know that he see's younger people than me { I am 49} and I know that he treats them accourding to the pain and the conditition they have and they get the medicatation they need for it.
    Hope you find something that iwll help to ease your pain,

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    Is about the quality of sleep you get. Has your doc given you anything for sleep? I have survived for 20 years on Ultram, I am 36, but only because I take Elavil to get the deep restful sleep my body does not get naturally.
    I do not go into non REM sleep naturally. I stay in the dream stage all night, active dreams that sometimes manifest themselves through talking, fidgeting, walking, tossing. Only in the restful stage of sleep do your muscles repair and rest. Without the Elavil I wake stiff, sore, like an old house setteling in on it's foundation.
    I have taken Elavil for 15 years. It is not addictive and I have only had to up my dosage once over the years. There are weight gain issues but I have learned that altering the time I take the drug nullifies this effect.
    Before upping the pain killers ask your doc about your quality of sleep. There may be another answer that will not cause you to be restricted to the house, like stronger pain killers. Remember you can still get a DUI on rxed meds. Stronger meds will restrict your routine and lifestyle.
    When my pain gets to a point where Ultram does not work I suppliment with Skelaxin, another muscle relaxer. I also exersize and meditate to help with the pain.
    Try lifting weights, it really helps.
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    But have some advice anyway. Ask your doctor for a sleep study if you haven't already had one. Getting bad sleep will increase your pain symptoms greatly.

    It is getting to be a given that we have disordered sleep. With the results of a sleep study, your doctor can rx the appropriate sleep medication for you .. ie xyrem, lunesta, ambien, etc.

    If you start to see better results with your sleep, your pain should decrease and the tramadol should improve for you.

    Take care,

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    If you want to try something other than drugs, try DL-Phenylanine, it is an amino acid. I don't think any pain medicine can come close to this cheap, or effective. Even the co-pay for Prescription Drug coverage is more than this and it works sooo much better and is, in my opinion, SAFER. I spend between $200-600 most months, and this is certainly a gem of a find. I take 2 along with 1 Tyrosine (another Amino Acid). Is safe, cheap and gets better over time. I see results in a day or two. You can buy this at any health food store, for less than $10.

    There are a lot of other natural things you can use for inflammation, in general.

    Fish Oil (good quality like Carlsons)

    Turmeric (the HERB, not the spice)

    MSM (pills and cream)

    L-Tryptophan (amino acid, order online, try BIOS or CRAIG, I do NOT recommend "Physicians BEST"

    I use all of these, but to substitute for a pain pill, I would recommend the DL-Phenylalanine. You should notice no side effects, or aftereffects. Good luck.

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    I want to suggest that you not take any "natural" remedies while on prescription drugs. Please consult a professional before bringing these into your regime as there are some of these things that do not mix well and would be harmful rather than helpful. Just err on the side of caution.

    I agree, however, that if you can take the natural remedies and achieve good results, that might be a good way to handle things.

    I'm so glad it works for others!

    Always Hopeful,
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    as for your sleep I personally from that it was from both the pain and not getting the to the 4th stage of sleep. Like I said I'm only 23 and work a fully time job, go to school and have a 18 mnth old daughter so I have my hands full ontop of the pain so I know what its like when you say your tried. I get up at 5am to go to work. So here go what meds I'm on and work for me:
    I take Vicodin 7.5 ES
    800mg advil 2 times a day
    provigil 200 mg ( to help my stay awake)
    tomamax 400mg for headaches
    adavant .5mg
    and I also take sominex (sleeping aide) buy them at any drug store. But thats what works for me. And of course I take my multi viatims everyday. But honey Im gonna tell you just like my doctor told me. I wents months in pain scared to tell him how bad it really was because I was scared that he wouldnt believe me or that he would think that I was just after meds but he told me "Everyperson has the right to be pain free. Never be afarid to freely express how you feel." And don't think just becuse youre so young and you have to be on such strong meds its gonna be like this forever. My doctor also explained that probably once I finsh with the extra stress of school and just have the normal everyday life of a career and family then the pain will most likely not be as bad because when the stress is high the pain is 10 times worse. Just always remember that theres someone out here thats going through the samething as you... So honey I really do feel your pain..=) If you need to talk I'm always here

    gentle hugs