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    I wanted to address your first post in my thread about Dr's advice.
    You said something to the effect that you are one to 'push on' and sometimes you really have to push.

    I relate to this immensely. I am very 'driven' as I call it. Sometimes I wonder if this has not contributed somehow to this fms. All my adult life I have been considered a work a holic.....have a hard time relaxing, and when I play, it is pretty hard play, too! I cannot sit and watch tv without doing something else. It drives me up a wall. I love movies, so when I watch them, I will also be doing needlework, etc. This somehow makes me feel I am accomplishing something other than just sitting.

    It is being 'driven' that I think both helps me and also hinders me in managing my fms. I am having to teach myself to back off from something even though I am not finished with it. This is the hardest thing for me to learn. I would stay up late and push on to complete a quilt, a book, or whatever. Have lost a lot of sleep due to this, and got really messed up to where I never got the REM sleep needed to nourish muscles. Once I was put on Trazadone to sleep, it has helped a lot with my pain, and forces me to sleep. ;-) I am still 'driven', but I force myself to take this trazadone on schedule in order to be able to back off and go to sleep. This is going to be the hardest thing for me. I have read where with fms, you should do only 50% of what you want to do.....then back off for awhile. IT IS SO HARD TO DO!!

    I spent most of yesterday working hard in my back yard....hauling cement blocks around, stacking wood, and throwing wood and limbs into a barrel and burning them. Pulling weeds, etc. I could hardly move when done, and my thumbs and forearms hurt so bad I could cry. I took a celebrex and also the trazadone and am ready to go again today.

    If I am just able to push myself, as you say, I find I feel better once started on physical labor. Exercise makes me feel so much better. But dang, it is awfully hard to start. I compare it to not having an electric start lawnmower!!! You have to pull the darn cord continuously to get it started....but once started, it goes good!! lol!!!

    Now if I can just haul this body back on to the treadmill!!!

    Take care, and please keep posting.....I feel we have a lot in common and am interested in your experiences!

    Hugs and God Bless!