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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by romalaw, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Hi, I forgot to add that when I went back last year, I only tested positve to CMV. Seems there's some correlation between my improvement and the suppression of the other two viruses, but I'm not sure, Lerner didn't comment on it.

    I'm hoping that eventually there will be different protocals for antiviral treatments rather than "one size fits all" Intuitively, I've always felt I would do better starting on a low dose and gradually working up to the higher dose, but currently that is not recommended. That method has worked well for me with other treatments.

    I don't know whether you are planning to see Lerner, if so, I'm sure you'll see from others on this board, that he is very strict about his patients following his protocol to the letter, which includes frequent visits at least at first. It requires a real commitment.

    I live in the Detroit area and he has a reputation for being brilliant, though becoming more eccentric with age.
    I know he is well versed in research methodology and so I wonder why his data isn't more detailed. I feel he claims more success than he actually has. It just puzzles me that he doesn't have bigger CFS following in our area.

    That being said, he does take some insurances and bills others, so he isn't as outrageously expensive as some CFS docs. And I don't think you have to wait very long to get into see him.

    Maybe I've given you more information than you actually wanted!!

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    could it be that the reason more people do not find success (or more sucess) with dr. lerner's protocol is that it takes so long and so much faith and commitment?

    perhaps many of the people who have tried it cannot wait one year for a small amount of improvement....and the long period of worsening can be very difficult.

    i still feel in my gut that antivirals are the answer for many people with CFS and perhaps a bigger leap forward will come with more effective and less toxic antivirals.

    there really aren't many at all to choose from right now.

    i personally think dr. lerner is the best choice in my case but i understand people who are skeptical.

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    what a good mom you are!

    i am also going to look into the ashok gupta protocol. i am not exactly sure what it is.

    i think any sort of stress relieving technique would be a great adjunct to antiviral therapy.

    best of luck

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