Forearm,elbow,joint pain...bulged bands?You Don't have this? what is wrong w/me?

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    OK. Now I am confused.The Right side of my body has been the side of which my weakness was showing the most.Gradually,my left wrist and elbow region have become VERY TENDER!! if i extend my arm palm up in front of me I have this band looking thingy,with lots a little blue veins(lots!!).I am unable to Grasp things and pick them up.My arm Feel it alone weighs a ton.I have put warm towels on thru day to no relief.I have the Flexril 10 mg ,from shoulder and back/leg spasams,it does not seem to help THIS.I do not tolerate Ibprofin or stuff in tylonal very well at all.WHAT TO DO??? I can't even brush my teeth or hair without need to rest PAIN !
    Would this be CFS or FM related? Should I worry about the weird color of skin and all the veins? I AM SURE THIS IS IN MY HEAD,SO no DR visits,What may help that I haven't tried? Using Ice doesn't work as I get to tense from the cold causeing more spasams.AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!
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    that affects my arms from the inside of my elbows down into my hands. I don't know if this is the same thing or not, but when it's acting up it is very very painful. Also have burcitis and tendonitis in both arms.

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    It sounds like you may have to have your cholesterol levels checked.

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    But I go to the doctor whenever I have a new symptom. I don't care if they think I am a wacko. I always want to know if something else is going on besides the Fibro. I really think you should see a doctor but that's just my opinion. Good luck!

    EZBRUZR New Member

    OK, I am starting to wonder what I have!!
    ALL of the *SYMPTOMS* I pass off as FM,the more I list,the more I hear *NO,Not like That Here*.
    My Cholesteral Level have always been low,however,I was told By Dads Cardiologist I am susceptable to the Protien disorder, Lp(a),which if I understand properly alters good Cholesteral to bad.He also said it would be morelikely to affect me during or after menepause(I think I'm there!??!)
    i do not think I've ever had a motion that would spark Carpol tunnel,can that be a sympyon of FM/CFIDS or only a free standing aillment?
    Oddly the *band thingy* is very simular to the one I had ,well on seating surrface(which is no longer sore:]).

    This is really gonna wind me up in loony tuneville!
    Oh,well.I'll keep my search for a DR,and continue to have physical issues None of you can relate with( I do have several ya all have too!).I must call aprox. 180-200 clients today,or I am firing me due to lack of productivity.This dial all numbers will be the end of me,my arms are too heavy!!!