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    Can you tell me more about your "heart ache"?

    (Love life aside, of course.)

    I wrote in my status report about feeling some pressure in that area. Or I'm not even sure how to describe it....maybe more like stretching?

    Did you ever see anyone about it (before the impedance test)? If so, what did they say?

    Also, if I were to go to my local internist to have this looked at, of course I would want to pursue getting that impedance test done.

    My doctor is very nice and competent (even if he--like most doctors--is perplexed by how my body works), and I'm sure he'd either know or figure out where to get it done.

    I should bring along the instructions, though. Is there a place for me to get a clear and perhaps concise version of them?

    Hope you're doing okay.

    Best, Lisa

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