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    First, I gotta say, I live in Virginia. And I do know about IEP programs. I went to her school before she even started, and asked about it. I explained her condition briefly and asked what the IEP could do for her. At the first meeting, I took the page in her medical record out that had her diagnoses, and her docs signature and the date and showed it to them, and let them make copies. I found and sent in a form that was written especailly for school teachers and such. It was 18 pages long. It explained what fm/cfs is, and described what the symptoms are. It talked about all the extra services children with this illness rate. legally.
    It talked about the fact that some kids with this illness miss sometimes years of school because they are simply unable to function, and retain info and learn consistantly enough to go regulerly. It had one girls actual story, and a letter from her, about what her day to day life is like.

    Now, I have gone back and forth. All her doc would say, was she must always go to school. The homebound people told me, that they don't normally except IEP kids, and homebound is only temporary. And I have to get a doc to say she can't go to school. And when she will be able to go back to school.

    I have gone through all the steps, and I feel like all I'm getting is a slap in the face for my trouble. I am so frustrated right now, its incredible.

    And the school has the nerve to tell my daughter, that they don't really have any info saying the My daughter is actually ill. And I have to start this bull&$%# all over again. I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

    Since I go to a military facility, its even harder to get someone who isn't a clone of pure stupidity.

    Well, this novel is over, take care, and thanks for the love