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    hope i spelled that right. just wanted to quickly say thank you for your explation. i think i know what you said. I do know for a fact that the person has changed server's, but that dosen't eman i'm right, just supicious.

    i had to use my hubbys computer for awhile, and i use to sign in on his all the time. i tried this am, since he was already on line, and i couldn't register, so i had to fire up trusty betsy here, and was able to get on ok.
    i have taken course's on computer's, but due to the cognitive problems, i can hardly get around the internet, some day i will learn to cut and paste.
    maybe i have even read or do read your board. i only post here tho, hard to remember which board i'm on here some times. Fibro fog can really get you ,
    sorry about the typing, hands are sore, and on that note i shall go to bed.
    thanks again.
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    Glad I could help. :)

    Take care,
    Sandy (FF)