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    I was parking the car today at WAlmart and as I put up my handicaped palackard I noticed that the date of experation was past and I am now using an expired handicaped plackard.

    You would think that since I use it often I would have noticed that on 9/15/12 the plackard expired, Yet I didn't notice it untill yesterday OCt.4,2012
    So today I will be going in to get a replacement for it. It should have been mailed to me but I forgot to inform that agency I had moved so It is my fault and I will get if replaced today. But I sure felt silly and was glad that I Noticed it now and did not get a ticket.

    I also have to chagne Mom's Living will and get it noterized. So it will be a big day for me.
    Mom is doing much better and when I asked her doctor about her qualifing for Hospice care he said that to get it the doctor has to be able to say that the patient will not live longer than six months and as he says Mom is just to fistity to die in 6 months. YEs I know that could happen but I am not going to dwell on it.
    I just want to get my life in order and live and be happy with my family children, grandkids and mom and of course my Dear husband. LIfe moves on no matter what we want it to do. I have told my grandkids to stop grwoing up so fast and they in their wise 7 yr old and 5 year old wisdom have told me that" Nanna we have to grow up it is what kids do." How can I argue with that?

    When I posted about all the things that were going not right and how upset my brother and sister make me, I need to learn that I am the one who is giving them the power to upset me. IF I don't pay attetnion to what they say and don't make a dumb comment on it , I will be much better off and much happier. When the time comes and our mom pass;s we wil each deal with it in our own ways. I know that I have always been there to support my Mom and I have done all that I can to help her older years be good and she knows that I love and respect her. And to me that is all that matters.
    I will deal with brother and sister when that time comes until then I am not worried about them or why they don't visit her, It is not up to me how they show their concern about our mother. I can only change me not them and that is what I am going to do.

    Thank you for reading my last post.
    HUGs to all
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    I have a handicapped license plate. I would only need to use a placard if I was using another vehicle, riding with someone else and wanted to park in a handicapped space.

    Call the license bureau and see what you need to do to get one.
  3. gb66

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