forgetting friends names

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  1. Has anyone had this problem where they have known someone foreber and can't remember their names? I always introduce all the new workers to everyone and a few times I couln'dt think of my co workers name for aa few seconds.I feel awfull . Ruthie
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    Not sure which is worse though, my sons get really annoyed when I call them by the dog's name. And to make it worse, the dog is a girl and her name is Jasmine! Oops!
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    Yes, I've had the same experience. It is embarrassing and you feel really stupid. Just another symptom of FMS. I sometimes can't think of words to objects like a piece of furniture or other words, too. Sometimes my husband has to figure out what word I'm trying to say.

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    That is my no. 1 short term memory problem, not remembering names. I do tell people I have a bad problem with names because of this DD. I've suggested that everyone should wear name tags. It would make it so much easier!!

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