Forgive those who persecute you

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    I thought that I would share this, as I want to give God Glory for what he has done in my life. Having grown up in foster care, I had plenty of opportunities to be come angry and resentful and bitter. My Heavenly Father never allowed that and I tried hard to avioid it.

    In 1996, I fell at work, I was in housekeeping at the time. What I thought then was a just a sprain wrist turned into a permanent disability with my left wrist, arm and neck. I realized I would not be able to continue in housekeeping, so I took the tests I needed and transfered to the medical records department

    I was still in therapy and on light duty and had a crew leader that was very nasty. She would often order me to do certian jobs which SHE KNEW were against my restrictions and I would refuse. She once told me to sit in my chair and not get up and to raise my hand if I needed to use the bathroom! OHHH, she was a hateful one.

    One day she called me into her tiny office after I refused to do a particular job, and told me I was a "worthless human being". Well, I filed a complain with the EEOC and eventually won my right to sue...which I didn't. On my last day of work in this department I met with the director of the department and told her about this woman's behavior, I also told her some other things this lady should not be doing and explained to the director that this was the reason I filed a complaint with the EEOC and that although I was serious about my complaint it wasn't about obtaining any money thru a suit, it was because this woman was so hateful.

    Friday, I had to go and pay my co-pay for a sleep study I have next week. Guess who was at the desk when I arrived??
    I just whispered to Michael to notice her, and then told him who she was after we left.

    My first reaction was to " bristle on the inside" and prepare for a defense or attack. But I remember a preacher on tv talking about how if you want to get back at satan for all the misery he's caused us, to walk in love, and just love our "enemies to death". This lady was having a bad day, the computer was slow, and wouldn't print my receipt for my co-pay, all the paperwork kept falling on the floor and I just smiled...and smiled and smiled. I told her " OH don't worry about the receipt, just mail it to me when it finally prints, no use stressing over such a small thing." And as we left I told her I hoped the rest of the day went much better.

    I was so amazed at the peace I had, as I have not forgotten all the times I went home from work in tears because of her, but God has wiped away those tears and I felt no anger whatsoever....Praise God!

    Let's face it, we run into people like this everyday, whether it's on the job, or at appointments. God says, we are not to revenge ourself, but to bless those who persecute and "use us". He is the one who will take revenge when it is due.

    I know God can change our world, when we let him change our hearts...and He does.


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    When I first started reading your post, I had tears in my eyes just thinking about the way that your crew leader treated you. It is so awful how some people can be so cruel.

    As I continued to read your post, There was a smile that came on my face when I read how you handled the situation that you was in when you saw this lady again.

    I know that you had to feel so much peace and joy in your heart when you chose to love your enemy instead of seeking revenge. You will be rewarded in heaven for choosing to love your enemy.

    Even when we are in pain from persecution, regardless of its form, we can rejoice because of what is ahead of us. Our fame, Our acclaim, and our rewards on earth are of no value compared to our rewards in heaven. Gaining a reward in heaven is why we can feel joy in our hearts no matter what we have to face or endure in our daily lives.

    With God, it is possible to stop revenge by giving back to those who hurt us. With God, it is possible to love our enemies.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>

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    You are such a beautiful person. Thanks for
    posting and sharing this with us. Theres a
    real lesson here for everyone. May you and
    everyone on this board be blessed by this post.
    In Jesus name,amen.