forgot what it feels like to be sick

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    Well, I've just put myself into a MAJOR self-induced relapse. It started last week with a low-grade fever (100.5--highest it's ever been), back pain, and swollen glands. Now I'm feeling sooooo achy and have the wonderful flu-like symptoms. However, I only have myself to blame for this CFIDS flare.

    I have been pushing myself a little bit too much, especially now that I have begun my last semester in nursing school. Then, last night, I worked until 3:30am and had to wake up at 7:15am this morning. I didn't have to work that late, but I decided to stay and help out. My gosh am I ever feeling it now. Somehow, I managed to stay awake (and functioning, may I add) for most of the day. It's like I had an adrenaline rush and my body knew I needed it. Wow, for once my body was doing what it SHOULD be doing. Then 6pm came around and I just crashed. Now, I am awake because my husband woke me up to put me to bed (I fell asleep on the couch), and I cannot fall back to sleep even though I'm dead tired.

    I just hope this flare doesn't last too long. I go through this at the start of every semester, so I should have been mentally prepared for this, but I wasn't. I had been doing so well since september, with hardly any CFIDS symptoms. The only symptom I really had was the fatigue, but even that was manageable. So, I guess it's back to nursing myself back to health. Lots of fluids, rest, rest, and more rest.

    Gentle hugs to all,
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    not sure what treatments you've tried, but i've been on guaifenisen for about a week and it's amazing the yellow and thick clear mucus that it has brought up.
    i really think it's helping me with getting rid of stuff that contributes to the pain.
    mucinex 2 times a day. and yes lots of water and rest.
    i wish you a speedy recovery!
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    of your relapse. I hope it is a short lived one.