Forgotten (poem)

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    I just wrote this poem. It is different than the others. It has my feelings and hope. Even though there are people in my life, there are alot of times I feel forgotten.


    Sitting, wondering
    Why is it so quiet
    why is it boring
    Why is it not right.

    Where is the laughter
    Wher is the conversation
    Does it really matter
    If I am really someone.

    There are people around me
    Too busy to know that I exist
    That I am in a hole, and maybe
    Someone would help me exit.

    Lord, you are here with me now
    You lift me up, I come out
    You gave me hope, and now
    I know what divine love is all about.


    Friend, you are here with me now
    You lift me up, I come out
    You gave me hope, and now
    I know what sincere love is all about.

    readalot (8-30-04)

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    for replying to my post.

    Even though the Lord is with my all the time, there are times I need people. I go to a church where the people don't call or visit me. Or rarely. Yet they tell me that they care. It may be the times, but I believe that Christians should stick together in these days, we have battles, and the current events of the times can be overwhelming. I don't know the answer to that. I have read many posts from people with depression, on different message boards. I have found that many feel the loneliness, lack of undestanding from others, and people don't have time, ect. The peom speaks of the feelings, and how I feel when someone does care. Many times I need to see the evidence of caring. The feelings can apply to other things that people are going through. Like dealing with pain. It is hard when people don't understand, and distance themselves. Just wanted to say more what the poem is saying.

    I hope that you are having a good day, and things will be better in your family.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you.