Forty Five for the Loungers!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 31, 2010.

  1. spacee

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    Rock, I neglected to commiserate over the street pavement problems. I used to
    have a lot of respect for Calif and the way they do things, but I am beginning
    to question if any gov't. is as good as they once were...way back when.

    Started a new thread. The other looked like it was about ripe and I
    didn't want anyone to have to be the last poster!

    Was introduced to my first McFlurry this weekend. If you have never
    had one...DON"T. They taste too good.

    Love you all...

    McFlurry Addict.
  2. Ranigar

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    I was very young when I started my family.To young and the odds were against us.40yrs. this June and my DH have been through a lot together.Marriage is hard work and I'm glad we have made it together.Grandson married right out of High School and regrets it.It didn't last long and he loves his little girl but knows he made a big mistake.

    My DH gets McFlurries but Banana Splits are my downfall.
    We got a rainstorm which will help the garden.I really hope I get a good amount of melons and some sweetcorn.

    DH is going to get antsy.He's on vacation but with the rain and more predicted the next couple days all his chores he planned won't work.Sanding and painting the porch are on the top of the list.

    What's everybody up to?

  3. Misfit101

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    Pam...congratulations on almost 40 years! I sometimes wish id met my dh long ago so i couldve had those kind of yrs together. But hes 10 yrs younger than myself and i married at 24. Kinda weird to think he was 14 at the time lol. . . . . . . . . Spacee i love the mcflurries! I cant think of anything w ice cream that i dont love. . . . . . . Still waiting jan. Do you hate it and dont want to tell us? Ballgame this eve...and its supposed to be 95 with heat indexes in the triple digits. Going to walmart today to get stuff so small son can cool down in the dugout. And all that polyester! Long pants! Poor kids. Im also going to get a styrofoam ice chest and fill it w ice water for them to dunk their heads in. I love the games but i gotta admit ill be glad when theyre over. Too hot. Going to get something to cool becky off too cos shes a wienie when it comes to the heat. And to think i was cryin the blues when it was snowing. Some ppl just cant be pleased. Hope everyone has a great day! Rebecca Roastin
  4. spacee

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    Congrats to Pam, too on the almost 40 years and all you and DH have done and are still
    doing! (FIL is what I am thinking!)

    I sure hope you got something for the heat tonite, Becky. It's brutal out there. I agree...

    Evidently, this is not the time of year one plants things in our town. Must be the time
    you water and fertilize what you planted in the spring. I have so much to learn about
    my new hobby. I wanted some petunias but they looked pretty sad. I kinda think that
    there is a 2nd planting time more towards fall.

    I will tell you what is ablooming and those are the Crepe Myrtles. Pink ones seem to
    be the fave around town.

    Feels like nap time but it's almost 5. :(

    tata for now.

    Rat Killing
  5. Misfit101

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    Yup. Polyester. Lets just torture the poor kids. Our heat index is at 101 right now. Theyre forecasting that to be the actual temp sat. And hes got games this wknd. Im worried. I did get us both spray bottles with fans on them. Got a styrofoam ice chest with just ice and water so they 2n dunk their heads or splash it on them. Small son has his own cooler with gatorade and water. I used to bring it for the whole team but there are 15 kids on this one and i just cant afford that. Got myself an umbrella and a cap. I dont know what else to do. The only thing NOT croaking around here are my peace lilies. Did someone forget to tell ma nature its not summer yet???
  6. spacee

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    I do believe it is hotter in Okla. than it is in Florida. Hope no one gets heat exhaustion.

    You know, sometimes I wonder how much of my exhaustion is depression. I had it lift
    this evening for about an hour. Then I realized that I wear it like a heavy overcoat.
    It was a really nice hour thinking about things I would like to do (like clean the house)
    But it settled back in and then you know that you can live with things the way they are.

    I do take Vit D and the lowest amt. of A/D so that keeps the really bad thoughts away.
    The really, really bad ones, you know.

    Thanks for being here kids. We all have heavy overcoats of one thing or another to wear.

    Love you all!!

  7. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Spacee you keep taking that vit d lady. Before i got on HRT i couldnt figure out if i was tired bc i was depressed or if i was depressed bc i was so tired. Ive never been a neat-nik but i live with my house being in a way that it never was even when i had 3 little ones at home. Those of us who are "retired" live in the house 24/7. There are times it gets to me but the problem is bigger than i am. I so understand when jam refers to travelling light. The less to take care of the better. Im gradually passing things to oldest dd to be the keeper of. . . . . Its just better that way. Hang in there lady...youre loved.
  8. victoria

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    I got rid of of loads of stuff over past 2 years... over 20 years in one house during which my parents passed, stored a lot of family stuff so my kids could chose when they old enough.

    Glad I did, but also glad I got rid of stuff that I'll never use and they didn't want. Too hard to use delicate old linens, tablecloths, etc.... plus lot of old Xmas ornaments. NEVER thought I'd feel that way.

    I'm a wimp too with weather. But NOT complaining, I know I'm happy to be out of the humid heat. I set up a fan outside my window by the computer to blow outside air in for a few hours, it is like a/c... that room gets the worst of the sun in late afternoon and is uber hot, even tho outside there's a refreshing breeze.

    Yes, heavy coats... can anyone have these DDs and not have one? Weirdlly when I really feel bad, the mess gets to me...

    Glad the D is helping. It didn't help me for more than a few months, then reversed... The only thing I've ever added that continued to help was cortisol. I personally think most of us could likely be helped with a little.

    Re HRT - are you using synthetic or bio-identical hormones?

    My mind is blank on names tonight, sorry... gotta go to bed I guess? Hoping to go get a massage tomorow, been having sinus pain radiating to occiput/neck, then creating shoulder spasms.

    Olive Yew All

  9. Ranigar

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    My DH and I were sitting on the back porch swing this morning talking about my need for less stuff.He was in a bit of a funk just before vacation and it lifted when he got out of that office.He used to live for his job but it's so changed with big business taking over.

    He said he knew I could do without a lot of what I have and I told him we've had a good life and all I'm needing now is a smaller place,closer to my daughter and sisters and having the other kids visit from time to time.Short drives and each others company and that's enough for me.We've had a good life and gotten to do and see plenty but we're overwhelmed right now with keeping up with this house and yard.I understand he put yrs. into the business and hates to get less then the full amount out of it but really do you want to stick it out another 5yrs. and be miserable?I don't know he has to make that choice I guess.

    Dad needs bloodwork so I'm going to be dropped off in town at the bookstore to use the gift card I got for Mother's Day.Whoo Hoo!

  10. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Woo hoo for bookstore gift cards! Wish mine would think of that. . . No compounded HRT for me. Synthetic all the way. I wanted the bio identicals...dr didnt seem to agree. No good reason why either. Its better than suffering tho. Whats an old menopausal woman to do? Spacee i thought of you last nite...MY KID hits a pop foul over the fence...and its coming right at ME...i cant catch so i just held my brand new umbrella over my head. Heard and felt the thump as it hit. Bent the frame of my umbrella but my head stayed intact lol. I thought it was hilarious. So did everyone else. His next hit was a grand slam so all was forgiven. He pitched 2 innings and struck em all out. It was definitely his nite last nite. It all just came together for him. Ill sit in the heat forever for that. Ill just imagine the cool breeze from what must be an awesome place in mexico.
  11. spacee

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    Hope everyone is doing better or feeling better.

    Speaking of...Where are Butterflydreams and Pumpkinhead. Not to mention the two gents.

    I want to encourage those of you who buy/make costumes for the kids/grandkids to get
    busy. We watched Alice in Wonderland this past weekend. I think that theme might be
    big for halloween.

    How I got on this was this. My GD who wears a size 4 is going to be here for some of
    October. Racking my head as to what to keep her busy with. She loves Alice and she
    loves dressup. I think I will get the Mad Hatter hat for her dad. And her mom can
    be the queen of hearts! That just came to me when typing.

    TG for the umbrella, Becky. None of us need a good whack to the head.

    DH gave me his boy scout promise that he would go walking with me. Did he? No. and
    I knew he would be too tired. That's what happens if you wake up at 4am. It's ok, there
    is an easy yoga class at 10:30am and since I am now bright eyed and bushy tailed at that
    hour, I made it. It was a good stretch.

    Ok, my butterflies didn't need a bush. Since we have weeds for grass, I observed today
    that they like the little white flowers of the weeds. It was orange and so cute. It was
    little too.

    Darn, that McFlurry called me again today. It's just too expensive. I am going to buy some
    vanilla ice cream and oreos and call it a McFlurry. Anyone joining me??

    Love you kids....Check in you MIA's!

  12. jole

    jole Member

    Hey lounger pals.....been thinking of you, and have read the last couple volumes...all I can manage at the moment. It's great to see you all in such good spirits, just like I remember! And for my snack tonite..yep, oreos and ice cream! My kids always loved breaking them up in it 'way before it was the 'thing' to do.

    Re: my sister...NO ALS!!! The idiot rheumy misdiagnosed her, TG. Well, not happy she was diagnosed, but since she was, happy he was soooo wrong! She went to another specialist in Kansas City and was told there was absolutely no evidence of ALS. As a matter of fact, she has DDD and some pinched nerves in her neck/back causing all her symptoms.

    Now, if that isn't reason to sue I don't know what is! But of course he covered his butt so all they can do is be thankful he was so wrong! What a celebration for that family after nearly 4 months of hell.......

    Seems my good days are less frequent, pain increased and energy is lower. So I'm really needing my friends here 'cause you all have such positive attitudes it's contagious. Will be back soon to visit more. Just wanted to give a quick update. Love ya all..........Jole
  13. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Hi kids! DH has had the computer for the past couple of days and I’ve gone thru a bit of keyboard withdrawal. Missed you guys.

    Well, regarding the blond issue: let’s just say I’m blond-ER. I wanted to lighten my hair but was a little nervous that I might look like Pamela Anderson or someone like that. (HA-HA!!!) With Gingareeree’s daughter’s advice I went shopping. It’s lighter than my “old” hair but not bold and brassy. DH helped me do the actual dyeing. And, he likes it…..hey Mikey….he likes it!! But, next time, I think I MIGHT go a little lighter. The new color, along with my cut has done quite a bit to lighten my mood also. Kinda sick, isn’t it? But, better than adding another anti-depressant!

    I’m continuing to feel pretty good. I’m taking Rock’s advice and keeping track of how I feel every day and when I begin to feel lousy. I really do want to get back to work again. I know I can’t do what I was doing before but I’m getting BORED! I guess that’s a good sign – right?

    It’s been so freakin’ hot here. DH and I want to move south-ish someday but not tooo south ‘cause I think the heat would do me in.

    Victoria - I love the picture of Guanshitzin! Can’t really tell from the picture, but is that a turtle shell on its back? When will you post a picture of your new mare neighbor? It must be so cute.

    Pam - I’m sorry that you had difficulty with your FIL on your trip to Indiana. I know this probably isn’t much of a consolation, but I really do give you a lot of credit for caring for him. I know how difficult it is to care for one’s own parent(s), but caring for an in-law is a whole different story. My parents live close to us and are fortunately still in their own home. My siblings live out of town and think that if anything ever happens to my dad (he cares for my mom, who has the beginnings of dementia and lots of physical problems) it will just be a simple matter of putting my mom “in a home.” That’s the last thing I would ever want to do. My DH has said that, if my dad should die first, my mom can live with us (he’s a saint!!). What I DO know is that I will never have any guilt about not having “been there” for either of my parents. I think my siblings will….and that’s their problem. OK……sorry for the long dialogue! My point is…….you and your DH are saints too, in my book. I love what your granddaughter got for you and your DH for mother’s/father’s day! She’s a smart cookie! You’re right. Marriage is hard work. Unfortunately, I learned that too late to help my first marriage. There was a lot I learned between DH #1 and DH #2. I had 8 years to find out who I was. In many ways, it was the best 8 years of my life. I became much more self sufficient and learned that I was a strong woman. I became a more lovable person. DH #2 (he was married before too) and I have both learned what we wanted/expected in a marriage. It’s been 15 years and we’re still happy - despite MANY rough patches. What kind of business does your DH have Pam? My DH had his own business for 6 years (he made the most beautiful mantles, wall cabinets, etc) but was happy when he closed it. He was just beginning with his Cushing’s disease at the time and he couldn’t handle the physicality (is that a word?) of it.

    Becky - I love watching “Hoarders” too. Makes me feel better about the mess around here! We live in a 2 bedroom apartment. We moved here from a 3 bedroom house, so it feels kinda claustrophobic around here sometimes. And you’d think, with so little space that things wouldn’t get too messy. WRONG! But, actually, several weeks ago I sat the DH down and told him that I just couldn’t stand the clutter anymore. So, we did a real thorough cleaning-up. And….for the most part, it has stayed that way. Feels good to walk into the place and not see junk scattered all over the place. When you mentioned your “fountain bottom” I got the strangest visual!! Sorry….must have been the Percocet talking! I’m sure things will look nice when you’re finished with your oasis. Hopefully it won’t be too hot and you will be able to go outside and relax by your oasis. Oh, and you should probably have a cabana-boy to fan you when you get hot. Yeah, kinda creepy when you think about how old our DHs were when we were in high school, etc. My DH was graduating from kindergarten when I was graduating from high school! 101 degrees? OMG, I just couldn’t handle that. You know, wetting a towel in the ice water and putting that around your neck might help. I think someone makes something that you can put in your freezer then wrap around your neck too. Actually, come to think of it, I think I’ve seen things like that for dogs too. Maybe you could look into something like that. Congratulations to your son on his awesome b-ball game. That’s fantastic. I bet you’re glad you were there to see it! And thank goodness you had your Mary Poppins baseball repellant with you!

    Spacee - you mentioned fear of commitment as a reason for waiting to start a family. I just had a conversation with a friend yesterday about that very thing. She and her first DH also split up when her kids were fairly young, as my ex-DH and I did. My “boys” are 31 and 28. Neither one is married yet (although my 31 year old is engaged and will be married next year. Her oldest son is 28 and just now has his fist serious relationship. What’s a McFlurry? I’m assuming it’s something at McDonalds. Is it like a milkshake? You’re right about depression being like an overcoat…..and how good it feels to take that overcoat off…..if even for an hour. I increased my Vit. D3 a few weeks ago and I can definitely see a difference. Glad I didn’t have to add yet another antidepressant.

    Jole - I'm so happy for your sister and your whole family. But what a horrible 4 months it has been for all of you. I hope you all can take a deep breath now.

    Sorry for the keyboard diarrhea, hope I didn’t put anyone to sleep! Just making up for lost time!

    Love y’all……..gotta go now and watch “Celtic Woman” on the public television channel.

    …..Diana Diarrhea (not my real name……well, maybe it is!!)

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  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have to do a Happy Dance about Jole's sis!! Oh That is undoubtably the best news your
    family ever had! Whew, what a bad doc she must have had. Thank goodness for 2nd

    Diana cute! Glad you are feeling well enough to get bored!

    I hate to close so fast but sleep is calling. I had to fill out an insurance form and put my meds and what they are for. Xanax insommnia. Ritalin sleepyness. ( I know my doc is going to
    regret ordering those for me). so the ritalin has worn off and I am sleepy!

    Love you all so very much!

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Jole-Welcome back and with such good news about your sister.What a terrible burden that Dr. put on your family needlessly.

    Breakfast out this morning and I couldn't decide on toast with eggs or pancakes so DH encouraged the pancakes and he would help me but then turned around and ordered pancakes and an egg too!I didn't eat it all but my pants are feeling snug and I'm afraid the reg Cokes and chocolate bars will have to end.

    Thanks so much Heavenly for such kind words.No DH works for big Corporate Co.He is so much happier taking this week off.A much needed break.Congrats on the lighter color.I feel much brighter then with the winter drab brown.Change is good sometimes.

    Misfit that ball would have hit me right in the mouth.Never would have put the umbrella up to block it.

  16. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Well, I took a nap this afternoon and woke up thinking it was Saturday. What's up with that!??

    DH got a call from my 20 year old (almost 21) son this morning. His mom is kicking him out of the house (long story!!). He's a good kid - just not getting along very well with his mom right now. So, we're sitting here watching TV right now. DH is at the ambulance base for a 12 hour shift. Not sure what's gonna happen, but we'll just take it day by day.

    Had a moderately achy day today. Still thinking I will be able to go back to work in August, but again - we'll just take it day by day for now.

    Not much to write about today. More later friends.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    I am awake from a "bed" day. Actually a PER day (post exertional relapse). It was fine.
    Just as soon be in bed from over doing then from doing nothing. I exercised but so what.
    Probably will just do it and plan on Thurs being the "bed" day. Then one of those bag
    dinners that takes 5-10 minutes. DH likes the one with spinach and chicken and I like
    it cause it has pasta.!

    I think the horse has gone out of the barn already. DH has decided that we need 'long
    term care insurance". I think it dawned on him that we have 3 sons and no one wants
    to take care of us.

    Here is the problem. If you have any of the things in the first are automatically
    disqualified. Lupus is one of them. I don't have Lupus but I have Sjogrens antibodies.
    And the Rheumy said he thought I really had Lupus. darn.

    If this had been done 3 years ago, the ANA would not have been done and I might have
    slipped by. What will be will be. I figure DH will out live me and go to the old folks home
    like his dad did.

    What cracked me up is writing down my meds:

    Xanax - insomnia
    Ritalin - sleepyness

    Doesn't it look like "uppers and downers"? But I take xanax at 3 am and Ritalin at 4 pm
    so not really that. I take more med but those were the two that made me laugh. Actually
    what it makes me laugh about it, is my doc didn't want to order it cause of how it looks
    but talked him into it. And now there it is for the insurance co to see.

    Jan I loved you thread about your hair color. Lots of great tips there. I have no simple
    answer to the thighs but I do know the answer. Squats and Lunges. If that doesn't
    sound like fun, what does???

    Maybe, just maybe, the backsplash tomorrow. It's been so long, I kinda like it the way
    it is. Ugly brown. It blends well.

    I have started a OCD in my brain about the costumes. I want to clean out a closet and
    let it be the costume closet. And why would this be? Almost all the males in my fam.
    are not the live of the party type folks by any stretch of the imagination. But but a
    costume on them, spike the punch and the laughs begin ;)

    And, yes, Jole, 4 months of thinking you have a death sentence would
    make one seek compensation. If that isn't doable. A report to the Medical Board really
    should be done.

    Big Hugs to All!! Tomorrow is TGIF!

    Bed Warmer.

  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Even though it's not Sat. we got groceries.Eye Dr. tomorrow for check-up due to being on Plaquinel and Restasis.

    No big plans this weekend thank-goodness.What's going on exciting in your world?
  19. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Just re-read my post from yesterday. I should have said "my 20 year old STEPson," not "my 20 year old son." Sorry for the confusion, although I'm sure most of you figured it out!

    He's a good kid, and despite the fact that there will be another warm body in our tiny little 2 bedroom apartment, I don't think we'll have any problems.

    DH went to our storage cubicle this morning and worked for few hours in an attempt to make room for a friend who wants to store a car engine. Then, he helped his friend pick up and move the engine. By the time he got home he was telling ME that I looked tired! I laid down for a while but couldn't sleep! In the meantime, he had also laid down and, oh, here's a surprise......was asleep in seconds! So, here I sit, waiting for him to get up.

    I have a funeral to attend tomorrow and nothing fits!! Because I've been sitting around on my butt for the last 5 months and eating, eating, eating, and oh, did I mention I've been eating.....none of my "good" clothes fit. Crud. So, now I have to go to the store and get even more depressed because nothing fits. Phooey.

    For a long time I've been wishing I was in menopause. You know that saying, "be careful what you wish for..."? These freakin' hot flashes are BRUTAL! My DH says that he can feel the heat radiating from me when I get a flash! I mean, I've always known I was **hot**......! :)

    Well anyhoo, guess that's all for now. More later, friends.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam! I didn't know you took Plaqunel and Restasis. Is it for Sjogrens? Don't answer
    if don't want to. Between my pcp and the rheumy they were in nonaccord over Plaq.
    and methroxate (can't spell either). I haven't tried either so far. The P one is an antimalaria
    drug, right? I just started taking an OTC that Dr. Cheney gives his patients. Though
    they buy from him and I buy from ProHealth and mine is weaker. It's been used
    by the Chinese for 5,000 years for malaria.

    Will tell a story about it. A woman patient of Dr. Cheney's was told to take two pills
    a week. They made her feel so good, she took one every day. And got hepatitis.
    Even the Chinese noticed that thousands of years ago that people got sick if they
    took too much.

    I just started it this week. No change yet.

    I was about to call myself a nonblonder but I looked at my roots. Compared to that
    I look blonder. Maybe I am in the middle.

    Jan, nope, I didn't figure out it was your step- son. I believe every word you say!
    Really! So, ya'll are taking in your step- son. I sure hope that goes well for all of
    you....truly. If he needs something to do, send him to work on the engine in your
    storage unit :)

    Jole, just come back and read and if you feel up to it, post cause we love hearing
    from you!!

    I had another tired day today. Got a bit of NRG about 3pm and rummaged through my
    closet seeing what still fits. We used to go to funerals all the time in this small town.
    There hasn't been one in a year or more. V. strange.

    I'm going to stop now. Well, I am going to do another post on curlers.

    Love you, my Buddies!

    Out of Ice Cream and Oreos