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  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hey my darlings...I see that 48 is up to 33. My brain stopped working and haven't
    been able to read. Sheesh. But it will wake up soon. I think it is reacting to all the
    sports on tv. (sound, you know)

    Been sleeping, sleeping too. #3 son must have brought it with him.

    We are loving the heat :( I am wearing sleeveless tops for the first time in
    decades. Used to be freezing all the time.

    Can't wait to read what you kids have been up to!

    We need a topic. How about "if you could live anywhere....where would that be?"

    For me...New York City except in the dead of winter. Taxi's, Taxi's Taxis. Plus
    enough money to live on!!

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Wherever, whenever, for as long as I felt like it.

    A month in NYC,
    2 weeks in Chicago,
    3 months in winter in FL or Mazatlan, MX

    ...trips all over the place 2-3 weeks at a time at their peak "best weather", like
    southern Spain (want to see Gaudi's architecture in particular!),
    Anyplace that caught my fancy!

    I guess I might end up rather nomadic for a time being. I like the weather here especially in the fall (wildflowers galore) but would be fun to run up to the NE for fall color... south of France for the lavender blooming... southern Italy small towns/country...

    OH and I've always wanted to see the northern lights despite the cold, and take a cruise thru the fjords of Alaska AND Scandinavia.

    I think I'd turn my life into a travelogue?! IF I could....

    Tammy the Traveler
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What's that song I hear in the background. Brings back college memories. Why
    sure enuff, It's Ricky Nelson and "Traveling Man".

    Did a little traveling myself yesterday. All the way to the emergency room.

    I posted on the porch a couple days ago about my bizarre
    symptoms: my insides were cold on a hot day. My hands shook
    so much a book went flying across the room. I had a hallucination of
    a fire in the bedroom.

    Symptoms came back y-day. Plus vomiting. Plus an unquenchable thirst. Went to the emergency room.The nice doctor gave me a bottle of Arrowhead water and a couple IVs
    and insulin.

    Seemed like I was there about 19 hours, but Gordon claims it was only 5. Diabetes out of control. Funny. Nobody ever told me
    I had diabetes. My regular Dr. told me some years ago I was
    "pre-diabetic". With all the other claims on my attention, I
    really wasn't too focused on that particular problem.

    The Dr. wanted me admitted, and I said no. So I had two
    first experiences. I signed out against medical advice and drank
    some bottled water. (The bottle is perfect for watering Gordon's
    tiniest orchids.)

    Water does not do anything for my thirst. I need more manly
    drinks like fruit juice, milk, soda, almost anything. Alas, they
    all contain sugar. Will go see my regular doc tomorrow.

    I have a new supplement which is supposed to help w/ energy. If it works
    for me, I will come back and brighten your days w/ more cheery posts. Which
    reminds me. No Father's Day Card. Well, hasn't been for at least a decade.

    The Dr. warned me that if I weren't admitted to the hospital, I could slip into
    a diabetic coma. I said, "I'll risk it."

    George M. Cohan wrote a song called "Always Leave 'em Laughing When You Go!"
    So here's a hospital joke for you. What's the difference between a marriage and a
    mental hospital?

    You Can't get outta the mental hospital until you can show some improvement.

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Wow, what an experience... can't believe one of your docs didn't catch this before now! Or
    has it been a while since seeing one. That sounds really scary, I hope you can stay on an
    even keel now so to speak. Curious - are you checking your blood sugar regularly?

    And on top of that, no Father's Day card... I'm so sad for you. He's gonna regret it one of these days,
    but I really hope for both your sakes it is sooner than later.

    What kind of supplement did they give you? Hope it works.

    I understand your reluctance to stay in the hospital tho. My daughter was in ICU for 10 days
    with Rocky Mtn. spotted Fever; luckily we were allowed to stay in the isolation room so I had
    a cot. But, as the nurse said, "we don't let you sleep in here, but we do take care of you."
    It was true. Between them being shorthanded (half the time I was getting up in the middle of
    the night to awaken her and get her to take deep breaths when her Oxygen monitor would go off,
    re-adjusting the equipment. By that time a nurse would usually be there to double-check), and then
    their regular checks and the different doctors visit, we never slept more than 2-3 hours at a time.

    speaking of jokes, or is it marriage... wait, is it the same thing?
    "Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener. Now I need glasses."
    Not sure what that means, LOL, just a joke. I'm actually happily married.

    oh no, it was hospitals. I don't have any hospital jokes, except about the one where the
    man calls and asks how a patient is doing. The on-duty nurse says 'fine, he'll be released tomorrow according to his chart." The man say, "Oh thanks, I can't wait to go home;my
    doctor never tells me anything...."

    Hope you sleep well and are stabilized in the AM! My thoughts are with you!

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  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    What a terrible scary weekend you had Rock.Are you seeing your Dr. soon?I don't like hosp. either and my Dr. knows how stubborn I can get about letting them admit me.I just want to be stablized in the ER.I'm sorry you had no good wishes for Father's Day.My DH bullied his brothers and sisters into seeing his dad in May for his B-day.So he got two cards and a call and a visit yesterday.He has seven kids.My DH spread the word that if they don't contact him now don't come looking for money later.Sad how that worked.

    Babysat the two yr. old boy do they have energy.DH helped me.They came home at 8:45 and we went to sleep at 9.Becky glad to watch your 9yr. old just bring his video game.They are easier then toddlers.

    I guess I would pick Hawaii to live in but I'll need lots of money.I'm with Vic though I want to travel.There is still a lot of country to see before picking a place.

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Well, Rock...what a Father's Day to remember (or try to forget). If I were in Calif, I would
    have to look that son of your's up. And it wouldn't be pretty. Down right nasty, I think.

    Ok, I am in with the traveling. I always feel better in hotels. So off we go, anywhere is
    fine with me. Ya'll do the planning.

    Nothing much going on to write about. Still sleeping alot. Having to take the vit R twice
    a day to stay awake.

    Take care of yourself, Rock. That thirst is telling you something! Get thee to that doc
    who didn't bother to tell you that your a diabetic. Sheesh.

    Ok, Kids...later.

    Love you,


  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    86 people have viewed 5 posts?

    I guess we are taking a break. DS #3 goes home in the am.

    Love you all.

  8. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Hi gang.

    Well, I almost melted in the humidity we had today. YUCK!

    Oh Becky, I sooooo know what it’s like to live in the house with men/boys, as far as the toilet goes. Again….YUCK! Like the rest of, I also do not do well in crowds. Especially at festivals and things like that where it’s warm out.

    Oh, Victoria. You’ll have to come visit all of us when you come to the states! I don’t live too far…..only western NY!!

    Spacee, like you I’m loving wearing sleeveless shirts, but I’m not lovin’ the heat!

    Oh my….if I could live anywhere……hmmmm. Oh, I know. Hawaii! I’ve never been there so I don’t really know what it’s like, but it looks beautiful.

    Rock, that’s a horrible time in the ER. Are you feeling better? I sure hope so. I hope they get “it” under control….whatever “it” is. Keep us updated.

    Not feeling too chatty this evening and my hands hurt so I don’t think I’ll be doing much more typing.

    See ya later friends.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    That would be a good starting place!

    Not much happening here... so not much to talk about. Maybe we've all already hit the summer doldrums/dog days that usually happen in August? LOL. Nice to know that people are checking on us?

    Altho it hasn't been hot here, lots of clouds & storms coming and going, about 70% of the time right now. Just had a really wild storm here, it's starting to rain again after a brief paus but at least no the wild lightning & thunder. Lights only flickered a couple of times, but, there's no real rhyme or reason as to when or why our power goes out. I have my coleman type electric lantern right here just in case tho.

    Our plants are really starting to grow, so hopefully they will all have a great head start on winter. Plus I'm planning on planting some hedge type bushes as well to help protect the tender ones.

    Ha, yes Jan, western NY is a heckuva way further, tho granted I guess I will have traveled a bit over 1/2 way by the time I get to Atlanta area as the crows, or rather the planes, fly. Are you anywhere near Buffalo area? Old (well we are old now) college roommate lives in Gasport.

    Spacee I'm sure you'll miss your DS when he leaves! I always miss my kids, but glad they have their own lives too...

    And I agree- older kids are easier to "entertain" than under 5 year olds usually...

    Hope Rock and Barry are ok, and everydobby else - Jole, Patty, to name but a few...

  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I thought everyone went on vacation and left me home.Where has everybody gone the last couple days?

    While you were gone I went and got a haircut.Yep,all by myself without venting and whining here first.Today will be sticky humid out until cooler weather moves in tonight.That means storms but the garden and flowers need a drink anyway.

    I think after the 4TH we're going to fly in to Fl. to visit DD and sisters for a weekend.DS has agreed to watch and feed grandpa so we can get away.Our 40th anniversary was pretty pathetic and sad so getting away just two days even together will be a treat.

    DD's campaign to get us to move closer to her has us curious to scout out the area.I think it's close to you Linda.Brandon,Suffner area.DD is in N.Tampa and we want to be close but not on top of her.We like small towns.


  11. spacee

    spacee Member better be taking care of yourself...I mean it this time! I have a son in San F.
    right now and he can come get you straighten out!

    Pam...some time back...not that far, I was thinking about where you might like to live
    in Tampa and Brandon came to my mind. Now, I really know nothing at all about the
    residential areas because one doesn't see them driving through it. But I imagine it has
    all categories. Everything you need is on one side or another of a 6 lane road. I mean
    everything. Hard to get lost too. It is about 45 mins from me. There are no hospitals
    that I can think of though. I think they have better docs than here....I mean how could
    you get worse? If there is a hurricane you can all come stay with us!! We have a
    basement :)

    DS #3, girlfriend is depressed and that makes me sad. Sweet girl. Her friends all gradu
    ated and moved a year ago. She misses them. She is looking for a job to tide her over until she starts on a Social Work degree. Jobs are hard to come by, as we all know.
    She went home and talked to her mom (an RN) and feels some better. Might get
    some therapy and/or meds. I think she has been depressed before.

    Speaking of depression. Feeling it worse lately. Actually just suicidal :). I mean even I
    have to laugh at that one. I know the is sports on tv. The AMOUNT of sports
    on tv. There has been alot going on lately. sheesh. Told DH and he has cut down.
    So he has.

    Son and I could not use the computer at the same time...guess you figured that one out.
    And who won :) He has a game he LOVES in his free time. #2 plays it also. #1 doesn't, his
    wife won't let him.

    Feel in a novel mode here. I will add one more thing. #1 son is in San F. as I mentioned.
    So that leaves the wife and two babies in the Netherlands alone...sorta. They were invited
    by two families to eat dinner. Both served pancakes. (That cracks me up). Pancakes are
    a big thing over there. Kinda like pizza here. They put apples and nuts and healthful
    things in them.

    It's 11ish here so I will sign out. Love you all.


    P S I'm not sure Brandon is a small town. It is like one long 6 lane road with a lot of stores
    on each side. But they are all the stores you will ever need. i have not been to Suffner so can't comment on that one. Oh, and I am now not sure if it is 6 or 4 lanes. It does have
    a Steak and Shake...that I am sure of! Yum.

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    So it's just you and me Spacee everybody left us.

    We will be checking out the area in a couple weeks so all help is appreciated.The plot of land we have over in the Summerfield area my sister lives in is small and I'm not happy with the way the neighborhood is progressing.I am not telling my sister we are looking over by my DD but I doubt it will surprise her anyway.Hoping to buy or build next yr. but need to be on the same page about what and where we want to be and what we like.A workaholic DH is hard to pin down but he's opening up and starting to visualize retirement and moving on.

    My DH viewing habits get to me also so I can imagine what all the sounds are doing to you.Seems like he has the volume at a roar.When he dozes I sneak off for quiet.When he leaves for a min.I turn it down and he always knows I've done it.He wants me to sit in the room with him but he just doesn't understand about noise sensitivity.

    Keep the basement open for me. Pam
  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    nope I haven't left, just took a snooze LOL...

    How short did you get your hair cut, Pam?

    Sounds - yes, my DH will do chores with the TV blasting whether it's news or music, it's too much. Then there are the crickets, still. I think I said I get tinnitus off and on? It's exactly the same sound as the crickets. So it can drive me crazy... or rather it IS driving me crazy at times.

    LOL a 6-lane road doesn't sound like a small town. But, I do have to say, I'm missing the ease of shopping in the US. Guess I will save it up for when I visit... still have visit Guadalajara and Lake Chapala (latter is gringolandia of Mexico, very close to Guad.) as I have been assured it's as good, but not sure of 'sales'.

    Well we have a very small plot of land in Panama City up a creek that feeds the bay there. Property values have not been very good since Katrina alone, then the economy, and now, alas, the oil spill. This is turning out to be a VERY long term investment... meaning we really are up a creek with it.

    Speaking of pancakes...I remember a pancake house chain (not IHOP) around Chicago that had the most wonderful apple pancakes. Reminded me of deep dish pizza -- deep dish pancake? except it was like an apple pie, with nuts, etc, and absolutely delicious. They were very famous for that.

    wonder if the dutch use the pancakes sort of like crepes? Have to say, one of my outstanding memories were the wonderful crepes in Paris.... could eat that at any time. Fillings were good - creamed spinach, sausage, etc... think I had the buckwheat crepes everytime, I liked the taste of them so much.

    S'OK, just saying, it's a beautiful morning... think I will sit on the verandah and talk to DH...

    Buenos Dias to y'all!
    Eyes Wide Shut
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Let's make a deal. If it is only two or three of us posting...we will still post. Ok?
    Otherwise, it will be me doing a blog..SNICKER!

    OH, Pammy, I am just so excited about you moving to the Tampa area. It will be
    so, so wonderful to be close to your DD and all. You deserve it!! After FIL and all.

    Well, Vic, maybe the US Govt could declare your land to be part of a park. They did
    that to my mother's lot. Paid her a ridiculously low amount for it...but just as well.
    She was never going to build there. Someone where she worked wanted to get
    rid of the lot and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    It crossed my mind if the Dutch were using the pancakes as a crepe. Not a bad idea
    at all. I, personally, don't know the exact differance between the two...something
    about the texture. Oh, and aren't crepes rolled up? I think so.

    Well, at least DH doesn't want anyone to watch sports with him. It distracts from him
    imagining that he is actually playing the game. :). What I need and I'm gonna get
    it even if I have to use a HUGE tv in the basement. And require that all
    sports be watched downstairs. Even the dil's are in favor of that.

    Ok, I am taking a bit of ritalin twice a day. (instead of once) and it, by golly, helps the
    depression a lot. Liking that!

    Is there a purpose in dusting? Just wanted your take on it? I can't really see one since
    we live in the dark. :)

    Later Gators...

  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    The dust is great to leave messages to one another in.... and,

    I am hoping the dog-fur dust elephants will eventually matt and make a great rug without having to buy one... jejejejeje (It's ok to laugh at my own jokes, right?)

    Yikes, don't even think about that possibility re our plot, Linda! Cuz, actually the idea of the gov't -in whatever form- taking it for that purpose could be a possibility. Part of the attraction of buying it was it's next to a small preserve on the creek!!! BUT I do NOT want that to happen, at least not at a fair price. However, I'm not worrying about it cuz all the gov'ts are basically broke.

    Glad the ritalin is helping. I am tempted at times to try, I don't doubt it helps with more than paying attention.... tho I've found low dose prednisolone to help. I am however going to get an RX for cortisol which I think works better when I return to states...

    We could make that Sat. Night Live song, Staying Alive, into our own anthem:
    for starters it could be renamed, Staying Awake!

    Awakie Annie

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Isn't there a song about The Three of Us?Maybe it's two I don't know.This week is going by so slowly I can't imagine how I'll get through the summer at this rate.Dad asked when we would be in June.I guess it's not going so slowly for him.

    Ah my haircut was just a trim to get rid of the wings growing on the sides of my ears and the wisps of all lengths down my neck.Attractive picture right?

    No six lane highway for me.We'll be in the town so small you'll miss it if you blink close by.Gotta be close to a grocery store since that's the only place I visit regularly.Although when dad's gone I've declared I'm retiring from kitchen duty.

    Our plot doesn't have a creek view I'm so jealous.

    I could eat pancakes for supper.With toppings.I wish I knew about that pancake place in Chicago yrs. back.That was my home away from home and I walked from one end of downtown to the other.

    The plan right now is to buy a home next yr. sometime and use it to vacation in until DH can make a great escape from his job and survive in retirement.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your kind words. I am really depressed; feel sorta numb.

    I wanted to move my car today. City ordinance. Must move your car every
    3 days. Can't get up the energy to move it. Heck, if I had energy I move
    outta LA.

    Pancakes. My mother used to make pancakes for supper now and then.
    Couple decades ago Gordon and I played in a bridge tournament in San Diego.
    Went to a restaurant known for its pancakes.

    The pancakes were served mounded on something. An apple? Memory is
    gone. But I do remember they were very good.

    Yes, Spacee, send your son. Need all the help I can get. Be nice to have a visitor.
    Got a joke in the e mail today from my sister. I have three siblings. They generally
    don't write. When they do it's to forward a joke or say, "Here are some more pics
    of the grandkids." Well, you can't expect much when you come from a dysfunctional

    The dishes in the sink are calling to me, so I'd better respond.

  18. jole

    jole Member

    Speaking of apples, the bad apple has returned. Good to see you all again! It's harvest here and I've been busy with two things. 1) trying to keep my hubby out of the field (not happening) and 2) cooking one meal a day for 8 people and bagging it up for the field (barely happening).

    Rock, I really hated to read about your diabetes. I can see why you'd be depressed, I would be too. It sometimes seems like the small amount of pleasures we have left are taken from us one by one. I'm sure you'll feel much better once it gets under control. You're just at a really rocky stage right now. Just remember we love you and need you!

    My hubby is having a really hard time with giving up farming. He basically informed me he isn't. So I guess one day we'll find him injured or worse, but it's what makes him happy and he has no hobbies. Unfortunately, it's not what makes me happy.

    Spacee, you and I need to share. I haven't been sleeping...some nights not at all. Am totally exhausted but can't get the brain to stop long enough to sleep. Think my meds need adjusted again.

    Victoria, your plants sound lovely. As a matter of fact, everything there sounds wonderful to me, and I really enjoy hearing about the landscape, towns, etc.

    Pam, I'd actually take a 2 year old over a 4 month old. Crazy I know, but my arms just can't take holding a little one in one position any more. At least with a 2 year old you're never in one position long enough to spasm

    Moving sounds like a great, fun adventure. As long as someone else does the moving part for you. Enjoy looking for the perfect spot. And I agree, 6 lanes would definitely be in the small town category.

    Jan, it sounds like you're doing much better since your surgery episode, thank goodness! I think I have you confused with someone who's considering going back to work........ that's a dream I've had to give up, so can I go along? I don't care where since anywhere will be somewhere new to me.....unless it's Kansas of course, and I doubt you want to go

    Dorothy (Toto's pet)

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Good to hear from you again Jolee.Planning to move is a great adventure.Actually moving not so much.I'll enjoy myself with the planning since it's a yr. away and freak out when it's actually time to do it.We've moved our kids to their different dorms,apts.,houses that we had better get some payback out of them.

    SIL invited us over tonight.I think she said for dinner and I don't know if she meant to bring her dad.My brain does not function well at all anymore.It was 7 this morning when she called.Anyway discussed it with DH and called her back to say no we'll have to miss seeing her DD and family up from Virginia.We can't go without her father and she has to many steps to get him up and it's not a good time of day for him.This is her father!I told DH she hasn't got a clue and he agreed.

    Rock you take care.Linda and Jolee share that sleep.
  20. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Well howdy y’all! I haven’t been here for 3 days and it seems like 3 years!

    Victoria, I’m about an hour away from Buffalo. So, if you fin d yourself up that way, just let me know and we’ll “do lunch!!!”

    So Pam, do you like your new haircut? I just got mine cut about a month ago but I’m thinking I’m going to get it trimmed again soon. I also develop “wings.” Seems to look good on some people. Just makes me look like I’m about to take flight! I’m glad you’re going to be able to get away to Florida.

    Spacee, sorry to hear you’ve been depressed. Seems like it must be something in the air, spreading from California to western NY. Maybe that volcano that went off in Iceland. Oh my gosh…..Steak and Shake! I haven’t heard of that since my ex and I lived in Illinois. I used to love their fries! Mmm Mmm!

    Ah yes – noise. The really loud, unexpected ones are what gets me. My step son is still here and sometimes he listens to “that” music. My son, who is 28, used to listen to that stuff all the time. I can’t believe, 10 years later that it’s still popular! Yuck. Anyway – I can’t stand it. He doesn’t play it real loud but this is a small apartment!!!

    I envy your folks who have someplace else to go, like a plot of land to build on. I fear that we will be stuck in this apartment ‘til we die. DH wants to buy a boat (a tug boat), fix it up and travel “The Great Circle.” It’s a route that goes up the east coast and down through the Missippippi River – or up the Miss. And down the east coast. Who knows. Maybe we’ll reach that goal. But if you asked me today, I’d say NO WAY that’s gonna happen!

    Oh Rock, I hate seeing you so down. It can really throw us for a loop when we already have so many things going on (medically) and get another one thrown at us. Please take care of yourself, or have Gordon help you take care of you.

    Hi Jole, nice to see you back. I have been thinking about going back to work. I have an appointment with my PCP on July 1st, so we’ll see what he says. For several days I was feeling pretty good and actually thought I could handle a job again. Then, yesterday and the day before were horrible. Spent most of yesterday in bed. If I DO go back to work and can’t handle it, then I have to worry about the short and long-term disability again. That would be horrible. I’m very confused.

    Pam – my siblings don’t have much of a clue either about my parents. It must be very frustrating for you.

    Yes, things seem to be rather quiet here. Oh, did I tell you guys that I'm taking a jewelry class tomorrow? I'm really psyched. We went and got the supplies I'll need a few days ago. I feel like a kid getting ready for the first day of school!

    DH continues to clean his "office" in an attempt to make room for my step-son. This has been going on for over 2 weeks and it's getting a little old. There was so much to do in there (does "Hoarders" ring a bell?!!!) and it has just frozen him. But, today he making a concerted effort! Can't wait to have my living room back!

    Well kids, off to the kitchen to clean. Yuck!

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