Found a awesome Dr & got pain meds!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mom2many, Dec 9, 2008.

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    I had posted this to someone on another board but I'm still going to paste the same post here...............

    I saw the new Dr yesterday, She (Dr. L) is awesome. I was there for 2 HOURS and most of the time was talking with her. She couldn't believe some of the bad Dr.'s I have had in the past. I go back next Tuesday (Dec. 16th) to see her husband(Dr. K) (it's a small place of just her, her DH and 3 NP) because he specializing in pain management! How awesome is that.

    OK Dr. L gave me Flexeril (3 times a day) and a different migraine med, Maxalt-MLT (don't know if it works yet). She also change my allergy med and told me I HAVE to stay on Nexium for at least one more month and gave me 30 pills free (because I told her I couldn't afford it) and that I HAVE to stay on Ambien CR, I also told her I couldn't afford this one also and she told me she would work something out (she knows I still have a little more than a weeks left of pills). She also said I needed to be on something for the pain but she just couldn't write a script for anything like I needed. I'm allergic to hydrocodone, morphine & Ultram so there isn't much left. She also update my gabapentin to 600mg 3 times a day.

    So she said she was going to step out and talk to her DH and see if she could get me in to see him soon so we could talk about getting my pain under control.

    Well she came back with one month script of Oxycodone 15mg! I had told her when I broke my toe (shattered my big toe) I had a few days of OxyIR but that's just 5mg and doesn't last long so I was stocked to have gotten Oxycodone 15mg.

    So anyway she was Awesome and I see Dr. K next week.

    We never talked about MCS just the fibro, I think if I get the fibro calmed down it will be easer to talk about the MCS and they can see there is something else going on with me. They are going to do a full blood work in April (I had a lot of blood work done last april so because of insurance we need to wait). Dr. L said we need to make sure nothing has been missed, meaning she is going to double check for other illnesses.

    When we 1st started talking I told her a little about the past Dr.'s I had and that some had even told me that fibro doesn't cause the kind of pain I had, memory loss or numbness. She told me yes it does, fibro is very real and is a chronic life long illness that isn't going away and may over time get worse. Her goal was to get me to a point where I have better guilty of life and what ever meds I needed to be on to get there was fine with her. Her long time goal was to get me there on the lest amount of meds needed, because of the side effects of some of the meds.
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    good for you!

    it's almost like winning the lottery, but how sad that we are sick and get excited that a doctor is willing to help us! (i can almost laugh.)=)

    anyways, congrats to you. hopefully i will have the same good fortune soon.


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