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    A web-site:

    So far I've found music, 'A blessing for water' with Native American instruments (sounds like Hopi flute). Thinking of our Rainbow. Also they have Angels for the hours - throughout the day.

    I found a place to light a candle, helping me grieve my cousin's death this month. Leaving a message with love for him by the candle.

    There is a large emphasis on caring for the environment, and celebrating people who have made a difference for good in this world.

    It is international, multi-religious.

    Thought of Jamin, as I read a story of a woman who grew up under the Nazi regime in Germany; and fought for peace, social awareness, and nuclear disarmament.

    Saw a child's drawing of a chicken - adorable, and thought of Cynthia. :)

    Thinking of Sweetpotatoe on the places to go for inner healing.

    I was so stressed out yesterday, and after spending time there, came away as if from a sanctuary, calmed and strengthened.

    Thought of Springwater (have been missing you Spring!) after reading a tribute to HH The Dalai Lama.

    There are also Labyrinths, more music, free beautiful e-cards, poetry, spiritual teachings, etc. etc.

    I'm still exporing!!!

    Found something that made me think of TwoCats. Going back to find it.

    This web-site is founded by David Steindl-Rast, someone whose writings have had a great influence in my life. Trustworthy.

    Love, Judy
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    Thought of you when I found this quote, under the topic 'Angels and Animals'.

    "I have lived with several Zen masters - all of them cats." - Eckhart Tolle, 'The Power of Now

    (Just asked my husband to tell me more about Eckhart Tolle - he was reading him. Think I will too. Didn't someone post him here once?)
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    I know so much what you mean about the 'chattering monkeys' ego. I an trying so hard - in different spiritual practices, to gain a little distance from my thoughts and emotions to take in the world, and to grow closer to Divine Love.

    Rain - when I came across the 'The Blessing of Water' music and reflections, something so deep in my was satisfied - connected. I've been pining for Native American wisdom and goodness!

    Today I went and lit a candle there for my father who has alzheimers. Here, writing this I feel the pain, and strangeness of trying to communicate something so important in words. It would take a great poet.

    But when I wrote the message for my father, and lit the wick, I burst out sobbing. I could experience my grief and love.

    When you go there, the menu on the left side shows many other places as you move your mouse over them.

    I am so hoping and praying that you will find something of value and importance to you.

    Love, Judy
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    I found it wonderful that you can light a candle for free for someone that has passed or someone still in your life, then if you want you can go on the Forum and write a prayer for that person. I put mention of it on the Grief Board here because it may help some there with their grief and give them a place to light candles without leaving home.
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    (smiles) What you said on your profile about your interests. And your CFIDS and FM.
    Me, too.
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    I just came from lighting a candle on this site - my sanctuary now.

    Yesterday was terrible - I was so sickened and hurt by a member of my family. Someone that I love so much, but need to stay away from. I got so lost to myself from the emotional poisons.

    This morning, lighting the candle, spending time there was a way to pour out my love and hurt and back to love again.

    This ritual of lighting the candle means so much. I found this on the site as I was searching under themes of grief: (by Elaine Mansfield)

    "I never doubted that our great love was worth the grief I was experiencing, but my heart felt broken and my life derailed."

    She spoke of finding a book written by someone in his first year of grief from losing his beloved wife. 'Loving Grief' by Paul Bennett.

    "Maybe the gift of rituals is the gift of simple presence. A ritual makes you completely and honestly here, right now. That can bring deep relief from all the stirring around and talking and wrestling that we do with our emotions."

    There is an excerpt from the book, on the site under "Bonnie's Bridge".

    This rang so true with me as I've been using the ritual of lighting a candle for the people in my life that I have lost through death, through the nightmare of Alzheimers, and a friend who is very ill.

    As I read there, I was thinking of you, and thought that you would be very sympatico with these thoughts, and experiences.

    If you wish, you can do a search under Paul Bennett, and that will lead to 'Bonnie's Bridge', and Elaine Mansfield who wrote about this other ritual that helped her in her lostness of grief.

    Love, Judy

  7. windblade

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    I was so amazed when I first lit a candle there how it impacted me. Very powerfully. Now I'm going there daily, or throughout the day. I feel that it is a sacred place - as David Steindl-Rast said, "why can't virtual space be sacred?"

    I feel that sense of peace there, protected and safe, so I can feel my feelings, cry, grieve, which is all prayer.

    I'm so glad that you felt at home there, and that you recommended it for the Grief board.

    Love, Judy
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    That's just how I feel - that it is a magical place! I go from checking in with the angels that mark the different times of the day - listening to church bells ring - which for some reason I miss and need.

    Just like you said, whatever I need, I seem to find. And so many surprises - what a happiness to find such exploration and adventure. Safe and challenging at the same time.

    Oh Rain - thank you for your compliment - your kind words!!!

    My identity - self esteem was so lost and poisoned yesterday. Your words are so important to me. I'm wondering if I dare believe in myself again.

    Did you find the woman who visits zoos and massages the animals? She relieves their stress and pain by finding where in their bodies they are carrying it. And she gives every animal a name - tortoises, lizards, rhinos, all. She refuses to think that animals are any less than we are!!! She is wonderful!
  9. windblade

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    How good to meet you - I love your name - so intriguing.

    I've just read your profile too. Man, how terrible to be suffering from CFS/Fibro from birth. You've had such a long, hard road.

    I hope you will stay, and find companionship here. I don't know how it is for you, but so many of us have people in our lives who downplay the seriousness of what we live through with CFS and these other illnesses.

    That's been so comforting to me, since I first came to these boards at Pro-health, to speak and hear from other people that are daily living the kind of life that I am.

    If you are going through an especially difficult time, or need anything, just call out, and we'll pray for you, listen, and know what you are going through.

    Feel free to share anything that is happening in your outer or inner life.

    Oh, I don't have FM - I so grieve for my friends here who do, and don't know how they manage to deal with it! (My profile is muddled - I meant to say the two illnesses of PTSD and CFS.)

    May God bless you in all the aspects of your life.

    Love, Judy
  10. springwater

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    Hello my friend I have been thinking of you too as i have of Rain, and all the others here

    I am in one of my periodic 'replapses' complete lack of energy and motivation but trying to

    do the things i need to do since my daughter is here on summer break.

    I love that you have found this wonderful site, and will visit there soon.


    and God Bless
  11. matieofleaves803

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    Thank you for the sweet letter. I appreciate it.
    I think it's very interesting in the short time I've been here to find so many women on a spiritual path.
  12. windblade

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    I love her!

    I'm so much more aware during the day of everything around me. Was enjoying looking at the colors of moss yesterday, and today blissful silence, with just birdsong. There must be something to this teaching of gratefulness.

    I feel more expansive, yet more focused. I feel like I'm being fed the good things of the world from this loving site.
  13. windblade

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    It's so good to hear from you - have been missing you so much! Missing your gorgeous words and stories, and your presence here.

    I'm so glad that you're finally being able to be with your daughter. No wonder you lost energy - trying to keep up with a healthy young woman. :) And all the heavy social obligations.

    Your daughter sounds delightful from all that you've shared of her. Very bright and funny - and a beauty like her mom.

    Take very good care of yourself while you're in this state, dear friend. I know there's no-one around you to tell you that. But we know all too well the reality of post-exertional fatigue. And you must replenish your energy, and tend to your health.

    Sending prayers, and loving thoughts,


  14. windblade

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    It doesn't sound weird to me - your gift of empathy and awareness of others. I know there are many psychic and spiritual gifts all throughout the world. I still treasure the butterflies that you saw around me, when I was feeling only stuck in a dry, outdated cocoon.

    I did feel better the next day - was able to center myself, find myself. And stand in the love I have for my family member. I know those poisons have been passed down. And I grieve, and pray. Let go, but with hope - and will never stop caring and praying.

    Brother David Steindl-Rast has become like a loving father to me at this point. I have a book of his that has become one of my mainstays - keep going back to it again and again. But now receiving all this abundant goodness at the site, I feel so well-fed spiritually.

    Give a kiss to the new little chickies for me.
  15. windblade

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    I love writing that name. I'm enjoying a nice, quiet, lazy day today. Anytime my neighborhood is quiet, I'm feeling content. I have a really hard time dealing with noise - it's a PTSD reaction that hits me badly.

    But today it's just birdsong - and beautiful weather. I'm surrounded by so many tall summer-green trees, gently moving in the wind.

    Tomorrow night my husband and I will attempt some kind of small celebration meal, and watch a DVD together. And that's enough celebration to keep me content.

    I'm so glad that you're enjoying the spiritual journeying here.

    Blessings, Judy
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    I just came from there now. I listened to a series of talks - short ones (10 part series) with Brother David and Roshi Joan Halifax. ( I guess she would be a Zen Buddhist nun). How wonderful they were together!!! They've been friends for something like 30 years.

    The videos are titled "Brother David Steindl-Rast and Roshi Joan Halifax give a dharma talk" , or 'Gratefulness in the now'.

    They have the qualities of lightness, youthfulness, laughter. I remember the first time I saw Buddhist monks on a sort of documentary, and they were playing basketball with such delight and joyful playfulness - they were so boyish.

    I have to admit when I first heard about Gratefulness as a spiritual practice, it seemed kind of lightweight to me, and I was hoping not Pollyannish. I learned so much tonight - about living in the present moment, why complaining jolts us out of the opportunity of the present moment - what we can do in that moment.

    Complaining is not the same thing as making statements of fact, voicing an undesirable situation, he said. I need to learn much more of this, learn to discern what I am doing, thinking, etc. They each gave examples of when they complained about something, and analyzed where it came from, what it meant. They know themselves so well!

    I was laughing so hard throughout this talk - how wonderful to laugh about ourselves.

    I was thinking of you whenever he said that the present always offers an opportunity. It reminded me of when you say that the universe has something to teach us.

    I saw also that short video clip on reincarnation and purgatory. I was hoping it would be longer I've thought for a long time that the aim is the same in both. To finish the purifying process where we become our truest selves, and One with Divinity. So it would be removing any obstacles. I remember writing that to Springwater once, and I had never heard anyone else say it, so it was exciting for me.

    These teachings that I'm finding here have been the missing link for me.

    I'm ending the day now feeling so alive and buoyant and happy.

  17. windblade

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    I just love the way you have of thinking over/meditating on things. You got to the essence of things, I felt as I read what you wrote. I took notes on what struck me the most in what you said.

    Will be back as soon as I have an energy boost.

    I've also been thinking about how to apply their wonderful teachings. And have been taking small steps.
  18. windblade

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    The part that struck me the most was when Brother David spoke of our past sufferings. When he said that if our ego is not all caught up and over-identified with our accomplishments, then we can go another way, and that 'The Little Me' ego prides itself in suffering more than anyone else.

    I'm laughing now, because as I heard him start saying this, and guessed where he was going, I felt myself become resistant, and decided I wasn't going to believe it. That was all in a split second. Then he delivered his message with such delightful laughter at ourselves, such wisdom in a gentle, loving way, I felt like I had been pierced by an arrow - right in the center of my being.

    I burst out laughing, so hard and so deeply. He got me :)

    I saw that it was true about myself because of the way my body and emotions responded.

    So now I will need to work on what does it mean to me. I think it will be a great letting-go. Not letting go of the truth of the tragedies I lived through. But here is a healing ointment.

    Since I first found this site I've been gaining a little more space from my thoughts and emotions throughout the day. Just enough that I can make some choices of letting go of a sorrow or negative thought from the past.

    I believe in grieving though. I've been going to the candle site much, and feeling the pain and sorrow of my father's alzheimers, lighting a candle for him, with a strong, protective, loving prayer next to it.

    So somehow there is a necessary grief, and then an unnecessary kind that is going back over something too much, holding on too tightly, creating our identity too much on it. It's gone stale and dark like a closed room.

    So the gratefulness in the present opens us up to freshness, to the breezes stirring all around us. To people and their stories, and the beauty of clouds moving, the extraordinary range of colors and shapes just in flowers, on and on.

    Some words that I've found valuable, from my faith: "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep."

    And "His mercies are new every morning". This last one helps me to focus on today, the now, the adventure of receiving.

    Rain, I loved the way you put your thoughts " Our ego loves only one thing, and that is itself, the ego."

    "Our heart on the other hand wants us to love ourselves....our ego.... and others, mankind, the planet, and dissolve and transform the hatred and anger into something else."

    Just love your comparison of the self-centered ego, and the largeness of the heart .

    And the mixture of reasoning and intuition that you have in your musings!

    I saw on the calendar that today was the birthday of H.H. the Dalai Lama. I read, and learned some things that I didn't know about him. Just the beauty of his face, his being is a great gift. Brother David had two little anecdotes about the Dalai Lama. Were you able to catch them?

    Looking forward to your next thoughts.

    I've been viewing again the videos of Roshi Joan and Brother David. There is so much to it - how rich are their teachings together.
  19. windblade

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    The anectodes that I mentioned were on the Calendar section of birthdays on the site. I tried to go back to July 6th but couldn't. Are you able to find past dates there? I think it's on the home page.

    Here's what I remember:

    Brother David and the Dalai Lama were sitting next to each other, listening to a speaker. They each were praying on their prayer beads. The Dalai Lama gently reached over and took Br. David's beads, and gave him his own in exchange.

    Brother David said that he felt that His Holiness had gathered to himself Christianity - all Christians in this gesture.

    In another little remembrance, Brother David was in a cold place, again nearby the Dalai Lama. And His Holiness reached over and took Br. David's cold hands in his, and rubbed them gently to warm him up.

    Oh, I love those stories. They are so simple, but are just bursting with tenderness, and almost a motherliness.

    I am always looking for that motherliness in the Divine, and find it in many places.

    Have been lighting candles for you - for help in your grieving. I admire how you made that huge step into choosing to sit with this grief. Praying that it will be saturated with love.

    Going to read over again what you wrote, and listen to the next videos. And read my notes - what hit me on the first hearing.

    Dear Rain - this is such a beautiful sharing. A valuable gift to me.

    Peace and blessings to your little Peaceable Kingdom.
  20. springwater

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    Just wanted to say Im loving your posts here. I came here after a few days i admit.

    Judy, yes the purpose of life is to purify and get closer to the Purest We that is possible.

    Whether that is by suffering, or reincarnation and learning wisdom, according to our own

    own beliefs. The end is the same. To be one with The Source. And an end to suffering.

    How i love you both. And the goodness that you bring here.

    God Bless