found a recipe for cheap glyconutrients

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    i found a recipe for cheap glyconutrients - a way to get all 8 simple sugars. now, Mannatech makes a big deal about the glyconutrients needing to be from vine ripened fruits & veggies, etc. but this recipe uses things like shark cartilege and kelp powder. it is an easy website to find if you just run a search on glyconutrients. the guy is not selling anything - he is trying to keep people from spending lots of money on supplements. it sounds very complicated, but is VERY interesting.
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    Just to make sure people who are interested see this ...

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    we can try and find it .... many here could not begin to purchase them.
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    If you read the book "Sugars That Heal" by Emil Mondoa, M.D., he gives a lot of different sources for glyconutrients in there. It seems like many mushrooms contain them.

    I agree that the science of glyconutrients sounds very promising. It does sound like a real revolution in health care. I just wish they had actually made me feel better when I took them! Oh, well.

    Like any supplement, some people must need extra of them, and some don't. I've noticed that CFS has a tendency to exacerbate any deficiency a person has.
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    i realized i could just post the recipe here. it's useful to find the site, if you're interested, because he gives lots more information, and other sources for the nutrients, etc. But here's the basic recipe:

    1 part ground fenugreek: mannose, galactose (buy it already ground).

    1 part shiitake mushroom powder: N-acetylglucosamine, mannose.

    1 part kelp powder: fucose, xylose, mannose, galactose, and glucose.

    1 part whey protein isolate: N-acetylneuraminic acid. Alternative is beer or brewing yeast.

    1 part bovine or shark cartilage chondroitin sulphate powder (loose or in capsules): N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine). Alternative is Dumontiaceae for the N-acetylgalactosamine.

    1/2 part of ground psyllium (or the husks alone would probably do) to boost the xylose content as there is not that much xylose in kelp.

    I am currently mixing all powders together along with a little red cayenne pepper powder and a little turmeric powder too. I believe cayenne enhances my digestion and is an extra tonic (1/10-1/20th part). Turmeric has antioxidant properties.

    I am also adding 1 part of lecithin granules as I have been told that this very greatly enhances absorption of glyconutrients.

    I currently am mixing about 1 heaped tsp of the mixture in about 50-ml of cold soymilk and drinking it down quickly at the beginning of breakfast, lunch and sometimes also the evening meal. I would use more if I was ill with some major complaint.

    Alternatively, I could take it with yogurt etc. or put the powder into "OO" size vegetable capsules to consume. Ideally, I would take five size "OO" capsules twice a day before meals. An alternative, if I wished to avoid mixing powders, would be to take one "OO" capsule of each powder twice a day before meals.

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    I always do this with supplements. I look at the ingredients and try to find how I can do it myself cheaper.

    Thanks for the info.........I hope I can find the site.

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    Okay, it was quite a project, but since I've been feeling a bit better lately, I was up to it. I located all of the ingredients and got prices for them, then figured out with the help of someone on this board, how much is in a 00 capsule, how much you'd need per day, how much it would cost per day, and how much it would cost per month.

    The grand total for all of the above ingredients, plus the capsules, at the amount suggested per day ...

    $22 a month!!!

    Not bad, huh? Plus, if I do it, I will probably invest in the $12 machine to help fill the capsules. I'll keep people posted ...
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    That was the next thing I was going to do..........try and figure out all the costs..........but you did it for me.


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    When it says one much is one part!

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    One part means you can make however much you want, but keep the volume (not weight) of each part equal. So maybe you decide one part = one cup, then follow the formula from there. Or, one part could be one tbsp, or one gallon, etc. Basically, the same amount of everything except the last item, which is 1/2.
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    When preparing your GN concotion do you buy bulk herbs or buy prepared capsules of each ingredient then mix all together?

    I know we're not allowed to give our URLS, but can you guide me by providing some key words to a reputable and safe resource to purchase the ingredients? I've been on several big websites that offer herbs and neither offer bulk of these products.

    Thanks, JoyMC.


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    I have not actually prepared the concoction yet, just have been researching it. I do plan to do it though. It seems to me, and the costs I list reflect this, to be much more economical to buy the ingredients in bulk powder and make one powder of all of them together.

    A number of the things you should really be able to get at a health food store - if you are in the US, Whole Foods should carry Kelp, Whey Protein Isolate, Psyllium & Lecithin for sure. And they really should carry them in powder form. With the Shitake mushroom powder, the guy who wrote the original site said he buys them dried, then powders them in his food processor, though I did find sources of them already powdered. Both kelp powder and shitake mushroom powder are apparently used by cooks, so maybe a gourmet market?

    But what I did was I went to the main search engine most people use, and then just entered each ingredient individually, and then sorted through the various sites that came up. The way those search engines work, the sites that are selling the ingredient come up a lot higher than the sites that are just talking about it. (Do those companies pay the search engine?)

    SO - what I plan to do is go to my local health food store and see what I can buy there, and then buy the items I can't find locally off of various websites. But I did some research on each ingredient, and learned some things. For instance, it's best to get kelp from deep ocean waters, which isn't exposed to the same toxins as off-shore kelp. I guess Norweigian kelp is good. Also, I found out that a lot of shark cartilage is not fine enough to be absorbed by the human body, and it's graded on a "mesh count" and you want it to be at least 300 mesh to be effective.

    But the easiest thing to inform yourself and make your own decisions is to go to the best search engine you know and enter each ingredient and see what you find.

    whew. that was kind of long-winded. good luck!
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    I don't know if this would be as cost effective...........but what about just trying to get capsules (already made) of the different ingredients and just take a capsule or two of each supplement????????????? I think most of these supplements can be found already in capsule form except maybe the whey protein.

    I mean...........Is the whole Idea behind getting everything in powder form just to keep costs down?

    Just wondering,


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    yes, it's just to keep costs down. it costs a lot more to buy each one in capsule form. you could do that, though. for me, i don't mind the extra work, as it will probably cost at least half to make the pills myself. one of the many evenings my husband is watching baseball, i'll sit there with him and make pills. in the commercials, i bet he'll even help!
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    I definitely agree that sometimes making your own capsules can save money. I have my own encapsulator and have bought the pull apart capsules to fill with powders to save on money in the past. Now.. I just swallow whatever powder with water and don't worry about taste. (After growing and harvesting our own family wheat grass at home with its taste, I can stomach anything.)

    But with my years of experience with glycos, I definitely recommend the manna company rather than trying to experiment with cheaper "wannabe" companies that are just out to make a buck with their inferior product. See my post on a related thread:
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    can you tell me more about them??i have been trying some different supplements lately, and will be trying herbs & acupuncture soon. i have never heard of Glyconutrients,the list of ingredients is pretty long, so before i try and tackle it, i'd like some more info on what it does. Thanks, Kat