Found a Wonderful Knowledgeable Doctor......Very excited

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    Finally, after thirty years of suffering with CFS, I have found a doctor who is knowledgeable, caring and willing to work with me.
    Norp Onishi
    Blackwater Osteopathic Clinci
    Mt. Morris PA

    The only problem is he doesn't accept insurance. The reason is that insurance companies only allow the doctor 10 minutes with you. We all know that our complex diseases require extensive time.......

    My first visit lasted one and a half hours and cost 180.00
    Second visit lasted one and a half hours and cost 130.00

    He emails me to see how i am doing......always gets in contact with me........He told me that my immune system is a mess...........he has done numerous testing on me that i have never heard of......fortunately insurance will pay for lab work. He really listens and is very understanding and actually BELIEVES ME!!!!!!!!

    Found out I have an MTHR mutation.......the way he explained it is that the enzyme that transforms the B vitamins into energy is completely not working. I have a hypercoagulation problem, vitamin d extremely low, thyroid is out of whack..........HHV6, chlamydia pneumonia, and cytomeglavirus Natural Killer Cells is very low.....

    Tested for lyme disease throught the West Blot........showed that some was positive........he wants to do further testing by another company, but my insurance will not pay......Costs around five hundred dollars........

    I am in no means rich, but have to say that he has been worth every penny.......Even though he is five hours from my house......and the trip to see him is not cheap with gas being so high, motel rooms, and food.

    If anyone is looking for a doctor I would highly recommend him. I feel as if he really cares and is not in it just for the money......He seems really excited about helping me.
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    hi, i've been inactive for so long on here but since i also found a wonderful dr./clinic i thought i'd start here.

    my drs. are dr robert battle and dr roberto at i found them from info here: mickey's stories about peptides and dr dakos' help in finding me help in a city where i have close family. i wish there were an option here for headings because i'd include more specific info there like houston, battle, mickey, peptides, etc. but now i'm thinking of starting another thread. rita
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    It might be better if this thread were moved to the "Doctors, Clinics and Lab Testing" section and posted under "Find good FM & ME/CFS Doctor". That way, in the future when someone is looking for a good doc, they will be more likely to look for it there, and, it will be much easier to find. :) Eventually it will be buried in this general section.