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    Hi, I just wanted to let every one know that i had a good experence in recent hospital stay. I had to go to hospital for and unrelated illness to fibro. But when i told the doctors in the er i had fibromyalgia, they treated me good. i didn't get the negative stuff you usually get for nurses and dr.'s. one of my nurses sister has fibro. it was good to know that there are medical staff that doesn't atomaticly think it is in my head. i thought i would share this with everyone so we know that there is hope for the medical field to beleave in this DD. i spent two days there, and treatment was good.
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    sometimes. Not until they are affected themselves or a relative/ friend they ease their judgement. It feels so good to get the comfirmation and you can relax and give them your full history- SO important so we can get the right treatment!

    My mom for ex. get a good anestesia during surgery that makes it easier on FM people.

    Good for you to be able to tell and get treated with respect!

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    Thanks for the positive post. While I've had negative treatment, for the most part, I have had more positive treatment when it comes to FMS. I have also had a lot of positive treatment at work from co-workers. It helps that several professors I work for have relatives with FMS and also one of the professors has FMS herself. Also, several secretaries on campus check on me every so often to see how I'm doing.

    When I'm using my scooter, I have had people offer to help me in the stores. In the grocery store, they always offer to put my groceries in my car for me.

    I just checked your profile and see that you live pretty close to me. I live in southern Michigan about 45 minutes from Toledo. I am 47 and work part-time as a secretary at a small college. I also like to garden, read, and watch movies-especially suspense and scary ones. I'm a big fan of the Lifetime channel. I used to crochet, knit, draw, and do other crafts, but haven't done that in a long time as I've had trouble with pain in my hands. It's better now, but I'm afraid to push it. I still do my gardening-never want to give that up. I have the summers off so I have lots of time to work in my yard.

    Anyway, thanks for the post about your mom.

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    I have yet to meet/or hear about anyone else with FM. For sure I do not go to many places, but you are right about the comforting feeling one must get from someone who 'knows' what it is like, especially a healh care professional. The closest I ever get is the receipt the doc gives me after a visit. He circles Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism and Hypertension. I somehow feel validated.