FOUND:FM Doctor and Support Group So.Central PA.

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    Today has been a lucky day regarding finding more resources for all of us who STRUGGLE with FM in Pennsylavania. I know when I started posting here many fellow PA members were looking for both a group and Doctors. Here goes the FM doctor currently paractices out of Mechanicsburg Pa (west of Harrisburg off Rte 15 or the PA turnpike). For those of you interested in attending an FM group they are in York PA once a month. I can give more details for those who may be interested . Just let me know. This area doesn't have alot of resources unless you go into MD near Baltimore, which at the present time is too far and the traffic is too much a hassle for me to go. Anyways, outside of being in the middle of a flare this made me pretty happy, even the people at the local Arthritis Foundation din't know this info until I told them.
    They were really happy when I told them the information. Just shows that even with this DD we can still accomplish many things. Hope this was helpful to some board members

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    BUMP want to keep info out there for other members.

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    PLEASE notify your support group - your family - friends - doctors.. there is a petition online ( under SSDC ..... this is for SSA reform for immune system disorders and how they evaluate benefits ..... please urge everyone to sign .......
    another place that is taking comments is the SSA website ... look under "WHATS NEW" for directions on how to place your comments ... this is so important please help me pass the word ....... the deadline is 07/08/2003
    thank you & God Bless ........ pj