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    I was looking for a doctor in my area who would prescribe bioidentical hormones and hopefully be somewhat knowledgable about and open to things like Armour thyroid, and the importance of vitamin D and so on. I do have a doctor I've seen for many years re CFS who has me on a lot of supplements, but he's almost 2 hours away and I needed to find someone close by for routine blood work etc. I also have seen a doctor in Los Angeles about CFS and mercury detoxing who is also very knowledgable, but very difficult to get to due to distance and traffic.

    I found the nurse practitioner through Women's International Pharmacy (they're on-line), which provides bioidentical hormones - they gave me the names of practitioners in my area who prescribe their products and she was the only one who took Medicare (there were only 2 or 3 names in my area - we really are in the boonies, though only an hour from Los Angeles).

    I saw her today for annual physical, and she knows about Armour thyroid, importance of vitamin D. I'm also concerned my CFS doctor may retire, he already works only part-time and while she does not have nearly the knowledge that he does, at least she seems open and willing to listen. I mentioned that my CFS doc does hair analysis and she said they do it too.

    I guess it may be a natural progression that if someone is knowledgable about bioidentical hormones, they could well be knowledgable about other areas of health as well, beyond the typical mainstream doctor.

    The appt was somewhat rushed, which I expected. But at least she was someone who seemed to believe me when I told her about CFS and PEM.

    So I feel very fortunate - I know how difficult it is to find someone who believes that CFS is real, even if they don't know what to do about it.

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    Hooray for you to find a doctor who will meet your needs.
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    Where I live it's a desert, literally, and figuratively in terms of integrative health practitioners, so I do feel very fortunate.

    And also she ordered a test for my immune system. I've told doctors before (even my CFS doctors) about how I get sick so much (though not so much now that my vitamin D is greatly increased but still immune is weak) and she ordered an IgG Iga immunoglobulin test - never had it done before. So that will be interesting. I just was very surprised!

    Well, so here's one more resource for finding an integrative medicine doctor: Women's International Pharmacy - I wouldn't have found her without it. If a practitioners knows enough to use bioidentical hormones (if you're going to take hormones), then hopefully they will be knowledgable about other health issues as well.