Found listing of good docs, rheumies, etc... [for guai protocol]

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  1. Jen F

    Jen F New Member accident! I was trying to find a website that has a log sheet that I could print out to document my symptoms, pain levels, etc and I stumbled upon an online International Guai support group.

    The info I particularly came across was a recommendation for doctors in different areas of the world, esp US following guai protocol.

    But, i was most interested to note the comments such as in the excerpt that follows, where a patient recommended the doctor as a caring person who isn't concerned with how much time she needs to spend with you to give quality of care.

    There were several listed for Florida, here is one example:

    Zephyrhills FL 33540
    Barbara Czelusniak, MD
    38176 Medical Center Av
    phone 813-782-1637
    Tuesdays and Thursdays
    Dr. Czelusniak is a Rheumatologist, Internist and Primary Care Physician, accepting many insurance plans and HMOs. She supports the Guaifenesin protocol, does not map, and works as a partner with her patients' health care. She thoroughly enjoys being a doctor, putting her patients first in all things, including how much time she spends with each patient. I have been seeing her since Oct-1999
    Submitted August 8, by De

    Sounds rather impressive, doesn't she?

    Anyways, thought I'd pass this along since I know so many of you are looking for helpful doctors. I don't know if they would be good to go to if not doing the guai protocol, though.

    Anyone know where I can print off a good symptom log sheet?


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    Bumping for Jen
    Though I do not know what the Guai protocol is I am going to investigate