Found out about MY faith today!

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by LPN_11, Dec 15, 2003.

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    Just posting a little note after a very long day! I did 16 hours today where I work. I arrived at work this morning only to find that a little woman that I had spent a lot of time to make comfortable after some very tough things happening had passed. The other nurse told me "well she was 93 you know" " you do not have to be so emotional" well I guess if bowing my head and sending up a prayer for Heavenly Father to take good care of her is emotional then I must be the most emotional person. But somehow I felt that He heard my prayer and she is smiling and happy to be with her family. Her Family was glad to see me today and we prayed together for her.
    But on a happier note from my day, I got to do something that does not happen much, I got to discharge another little woman to her home after 3 long months of rehabilitation at our facility and when I said goodbye to her it was not me who had the tears in my eyes but rather my patient so I guess that Heavenly Father has blessed me with much faith and trust in him that I can safely say that my prayers for that lady were answered and he gives me the trust that I KNOW he hears us and answers us maybe not in the way we would like sometimes but if we trust we are blessed truly.
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    I know what that you mean, When I use to work in a hospital I use to get really emotional also when a patient would pass away.

    I also know how happy that it is to see a patient get to go home, after being in the hospital for so long.

    It is a very good feeling to know that your prayers are being heard. As Well as being answered.

    All we have to do is have Faith in the Lord and trust him completely.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy
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    I've never been a nurse, but having that Faith in the Lord is what sustains me. But I know doing kind and generous deeds in the name of the Lord, does my heart good. Its a wonderful feeling. God bless the Lord Sue, that you were able to send thislady home. Praise the Lord.

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    May God bless you for your compassion and love for others. People like you are a blessing, and I am inspired by you.

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    You truely are a very special nurse. You have a very special heart. I don't even know you but can tell by the way you write that your love of the Lord shines through you and touches the souls you care for.

    Thanks for your story.

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    I believe the Lord places us where we can move in our giftings! It is the BEST thing in life to me when our Lord works through us! God Bless all of you who are obedient to His call! Suzanne
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    i worked as a long-term care nurse for 17 years. One day my supervisor asked if i would work the night shift becasue the night nurse was sick. i agreed to do. That night one of my patients was very sick and i did not think she would make it through the night. I also thought this lady was in a light coma because she did not seem to respond to touch. Each time I checked on her i would say a silent prayer for her.

    The following day when i went to work this lady was alive and doing very well. When i went into her room to give her, her meds she yells out "you were my angle, God sent you sent you to me." At first I was kinda confused and she said "God sent you to me the other night, i saw you glowing as you took care me, You are an angle. "

    Even when we do things in secret or think others cannot see or hear, God is using us as his ministering spirit. May we always be willing to let God accompolishe his will through us. In doing so His name is glorified.

    God Bless