Found out what holes in my bones are. . .

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  1. Adl123

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    Dear All,
    I'm writing this , hoping someone has an idea and to let people know what can happen.

    My Rheumy told me today that I do have RA. (He is my second opinion). It turns out that the holes in my knuckles are bone deterioraton due to RA.

    Now, How can I have that, when my knuckles never swell or hurt? In fact, they are just about the only place on my body that is pain-free!

    If what he says is right, then RA can sneak up on a person, with no pain and no limitation of movement. The affected knuckles are higher than the others when I make a fist, but that is the only thing.

    It's funny, but he had a hard time telling me. He didn't just come out and say:"You have RA", he hemmed and hawed and talked around the issue, avoiding my eyes, until I asked him point blank. I think he was afraid I would lose control, or something. But his actions do make me think that my RA is more advanced than he let on.. Oh, well . . .

    Anyone have any knowledge of this?

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  2. Adl123

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    My Rheumy did all kinds of tests. I'm going to pick up my copies from the office next time I go. I remember lime test and Hepititis A. B. C. anc D.. I think my lime test was positive, but he thought it was a false positive. I'm a city girl and don't go where I could be bitten. He also did 3-D, MRIs, of both hands.

    This was the first time I've gone to a Rheumy. My CFIDS/Fibro diagnosis was done by a Dr. 13 years ago, who also did the same tests (Except for the MRIs). But her conclusion was CFIDS.

    Also, my Fibro pain seems to be in remission, for which I'm grateful. My major problem is weakiness from CFIDS. I only went to the Rheumy because the RA factor showed up in a blood test at my GP's,and I heard that early treatmenht was a good thing. He gave me one medicine to help prevent further damage. It's called Sulfasalazin.


    p.s. I looked over the info on the med., and I can't take it. I had a bad reactionn to sulfa drugs as a child, and I can't take non-steroidal anti-inflammitories, because they make me hemorrage. What a state of affairs. LOL! T.

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    Did you do x-rays or what? I need my doc. to run some checks that never got done in my case.
  4. sarahann61

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    I had a X-ray of my hands, and it did show erosions. But the Radiologist reported it wasn't consistant with RA.. He thought it was more like Psoriactic Arthritis, but I have never had Psoriasis.. So, my M.D. and the Rheumy said, no way.....

    Psoriactic arthritis, I have read, doesn't show up in lab work..... so that could explain why my lab wk, has always been neg. ........
  5. Adl123

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    Lena, My Dr., did an MRI in his ofice on both hands, and then sent it to be read. It was a 3-D MRI, so the person who read it could see a 3-D picture.

    Sara, That is really interesting. I haven't had Psoriasis either, but I do have Exzema. Maybe my Exzema is Psoriasis!

  6. JLH

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    I would also pick up a copy of all your rheumy's xrays and tests "just for your files" and then take them to your PCP and ask his/her opinion.

    or ... you might want to get another rheumy's opinion as a second opinion.

    Did he say anything about osteoporosis?


    Edit - if you had all the tests done at a hospital (instead of his office), you can call the hospital's Medical Records Dept. and ask for a copy -- I do this all of the time -- the the doc won't even know that you got a copy.[This Message was Edited on 02/16/2006]

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