Found some thing new that helps my headaches

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 20, 2012.

  1. rosemarie

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    My sweet daughters bought me some nataural bath prodcuts from LUSH. They got me two bath melts of Dreamtime and they are like a mini massage bar. You can rub it on your neck , head and on your chest. The scent it a soft lavender and cammomile and it smells so great.

    I was having a hard time undwinding and my head ached so I just used a tiny amount on the back of my neck and chest and then curled up in my blanket as I was so cold, {it was 78 degree's in my house and I am freezing.} With in minutes I was sleeping and didn't wake up till my hubby woke me up at 6 am and said to go get in bed, the soft scent was still there and I went right back to sleep and slept great. I woke up alert and totally awake , a first for me.
    You would have eto buy this at a LUSH store as it melts when the weather is warmer, so it can't be shipped from the online store.
    Even after using this bath melt that is only 2 oz I still have more than 3/4 of teh bar left to use, When I put it in my bath I use a nylon to catch teh cammomile flowers inside the melt so it does not make a mess. It works great either way. Just wanted to share some thing that works for me.
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    I had a terrible migraine headache yesterday. They take it out of me I went to bed at 9 pm. and didn't wake up until noon today and I've been feeling so weak. We just got a Lush store so I'm totally going to get some. Thanks for sharing.

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    I use a dab of lavender oil on the tip of my nose...not in it though. It helps soothe me. Also something I found for my muscular type headaches is a stiff hair brush. I give myself a good head/neck massage with it. It helps open up the blood vessels in the head. I also carry a brush in the car for when I'm driving. Wish I could use it on my shoulders too but it doesn't work.
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    I am sorry you are suffering with headaches. I suppose it depends on the headache; we have them for so many different reasons.

    I began having them in my late 30's, and they got really bad during my 40's. They would always hit in the am when I wake up and I had to head straight for the bathroom because I was so naseaus. I tried many times to get through them but every one would last from 2 to3 days. Someone would always have to take me to ER or drs office if open for a shot; I think it was demerol. Anyway, my dr. began trying several of the new meds for my headaches; I was getting desperate; they were soooo bad that I wanted to just bang my head against the wall; just didn't have the strength; ok, just kidding. Finally my dr. gave me these little pills called Maxalt. I call it the "Miracle Pill"; I put 1/2 of one under my tongue until it melted and within 20 to 30 minutes, my headache was gone. I know; unbelievable!

    Well, as I got older, the headaches slowed down. I still have them but not very often. My pain management dr. gives them to me, of course only so many per year, and I guard them with my life, lol!

    I realize, it's another med but if anyone has experienced headaches like I did, during that time, there is no doubt in my mind that they would try them. They come in pill form, which I used to break in half, (a 10 mg) and also the ones that disolve under the tongue, which I prefer.

    I hope this helps anyone having bad headaches.

    Thenk you and take care!


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