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    Cant believe it . i moved to CA 5 months ago to get away from the Ohio wheather. I live on the beach and the heat wave has even hit us. I was soooooooooooo sick couldnt move my head hurt hurt hurt all over. We dont have ac... really dont need it by the water... but the heat wave mad our house soooo hot and i was sooo sick my husband (the best in the world) at 8pm went to buy a ac and all 7 store were sold out. So he found one about 30 min away its portable so we leave it in the bedroom YAHOOOOOOOO 72 and cool for sleep. anyway i have been on Soma, Ultram for so long and tryed to get doc in Ohio to give me different meds they wouldnt do it so i saw my doc yesterday and i was prepared to put up a fight and low and behold he totally understood and put me on Methadone!!!!! I feel soo much better today. what a gift!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO

    peace to everyone and may u find relief soon
  2. rockgor

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    Hope it continues to work.

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