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  1. mrdad

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    ----it's called "National Guideline Clearing House".

    A very interesting guideline(s) for many diseases and

    conditions in general. VERY informative and comprehensive

    Guide to the treatment of LYME. Many familiar people involved

    with research and treatment of the disease are contributors.

    I found it worthwhile enuff to "BOOKMARK" for future refer-

    ence. HEY DOCS!! No more putting the cotton over our



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    happily.......... tho it doesn't seem to be something the docs pay much attention to. Or rather I should say, the insurance companies.
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    Yea, I know what you're sayin! But at least tomorrow, when

    I face my uncommitted CNP I can shove a downloaded copy in

    Her face!! So frustrating dealing with these people. And

    they won't give ya a straight answer. Evasively uncommital

    is what I resent. I hope your move down South has been

    a good one.