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    I just wanted to tell people I have come across jokes on tv about cfids/me. Most recently, on the O'Reilly Factor-- Dennis Miller made a quick joke--that under the Obama administration --people who need real help, like getting a kidney replaced--will not get the treatment they need--but they will be treating things like chronic fatigue syndrome. ouch....
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    i am so sick of ignorant people causing harm by their completely uninformed comments....if they don't know what they are talking about, they should keep their mouths shut - esp when what hey are saying is being viewed and heard by such a huge amt of people

    anyone know of any way to send comments to Dennis Miller and the people in charge of the O'Reilly factor?
  3. TeaBisqit

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    This goes on alot. I usually end up boycotting whatever show does it. It's beyond evil. I'd like to see them make fun of other diseases like that.

    And for Dennis Miller's info, of course he won't read this, CFIDS/ME/FM is a million times worse than needing one kidney replaced. There are plenty of people in the world living full lives with just one kidney. But we don't have a life from this disease. Too bad we can't infect him with it. I'd like to see him stuck on a couch for years at a time.
  4. TigerLilea

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    >>>CFIDS/ME/FM is a million times worse than needing one kidney replaced.<<<

    Are you kidding, TeaBisquit???? Kidney disease is a death sentence if you can't find a donor kidney. Those poor people are much sicker than we will ever be with CFS.

    As bad as CFS is, there are much worse illnesses out there. You do have a life, TeaBisqit, it just isn't the one you imagined you would have. You can either make the best of what you have and find the blessings in each day, or you can waste what life you do have by sitting around feelng sorry for yourself. I'll take CFS any day over kidney failure!!
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    thanks for the contact info
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    First of all, I am not ataching any value judgements to what I am going to say, so please don't take this as judging you or anyone else....just throwing out some thought and facts........I understand what you are trying to say, but I think that it is hurtful and coming out of a lack of understanding....I think that comparing illnesses is not generally a good idea - the impact of each varies from person to person and day to day, so it's not really possible to quantify, however, that said, there have been at least 3 studies that I know of that all concluded that CFS/ME comes out worse than ANY other illness out there....that said, too, many people with CFS would rather be dead, bc they do not have lives at all (not saying this is a good way to feel about it, or a bad way to - just a simple fact).....when one is dying from a lot of other illness, he/she can actually still do things until the very end stages (and I am not saying that they are lucky or have it good, or that I would want to be them or anything like that....again, just giving a fact)......from what I have read of TeaBisquit's posts, Tea is mostly confined to bed and unable to do much of anything, and with very little to no support from others and running out of money.....I can completely understand why that would be extremely tough to deal with, and I would not tell Tea that that's having a life, as you did, I esp would not follow it with the comment about sitting around feeling sorry for yourself (that is not helpful and is hurtful and shows the same type of lack of understanding that the outside world shows....I know that you do have some understanding, or you wouldn't be here, and I am pretty sure that you did not mean t o come across that way, but that is how it sounds)
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    OH DARLINGS>>>>> you can BET if we go to socialized medicine the lines will be so LONG that we will be relegated to the BACK!!!!!!!!

    Just talk to those who live in CANADA!!!!!!

  8. TigerLilea

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    I have no problems with our health care system here in Canada. Everyone in Canada is covered by their provincial health insurance, and we also have a higher life expectancy than the US. Can't complain about that :)
  9. TigerLilea

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    I certainly didn't intend for my message to come across as a lack of understanding. I know what it is like to live with this illness as I have had it now for 18 years. I have a sister who works with Renal patients and have heard the many horror stories of kidney failure. Therefore, I was quite upset with Tea's message as it certainly didn't show any empathy for the men and women who have to sit through dialysis three times a week for five hours at a time. Most of these people don't get the chance to get that "one" kidney that they so desperately need. Dialysis itself is very exhausting, adding on to the exhaustion these people already have from the toxins building up in their blood. They don't always get the chance to live life to the fullest for the last few years of their lives if they aren't lucky enough to get a donor kidney.

    Until we take our last breath, we do have a life.
  10. AuntTammie

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    Thanks for your I said I didn't really believe that you don't understand (& how I wish that none of us had to understand!)....I just wanted to let you know how it sounded, and I do totally see your point, too.....I just really value this board and the people on it, and I also know that as people who are sick and in pain, we can all get our feelings hurt fairly easily, esp as we are so used to "outsiders" not understanding.....I just wanted to try to keep that from happening....and I am glad that it doesn't seem that what I said caused you to feel bad either
  11. jasminetee

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    Sorry about your sister Tiger, truly. But tea's point to me, meant that most people with other diseases, any other diseases, function better than a lot of people who have CFS.

    Of course you can't compare diseases, it's different for everyone. But for instance, I have a friend who recently died of brain tumors and she had a higher quality of life than I do and was more functional than me in a lot of ways and wasn't suffering like I do at all all the way up to the end.

  12. TigerLilea

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    Hi Tee - Thankfully my sister doesn't have renal failure. She's a hospital worker who works with people who are in kidney failure.

    I understand that there are people with other diseases, some more serious, that are much more functional that some of us with CFS. I don't have any disagreement there :)

    I felt that Tea was rather flippant about kidney disease. It's not like you wake up one day with kidney failure and simply order a new kidney. Some people are on dialysis for years while waiting for a new kidney. Many never live long enough to get a new kidney. And others actually go through the surgery only to find out that their body rejects the donor kidney. It is a long, hard process.

    As debilitating as CFS can be, there just are some illnesses that are much worse. At least in my book.

    Sorry about your friend. I know a woman who died two years ago from a brain tumour. She had it for close to 25 years and up until the last year, she lead a perfectly normal life.
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  13. TeaBisqit

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    No, you misread my post. I was talking about the ones who live full lives with one kidney. I'm not talking about people who need a transplant.

    I live with someone on the floor of my building who goes to dialysis. He still has fifty times the life I have. He goes to church and has a full social life. That is alot more than someone with severe CFIDS.

    You have no right to tell someone who cannot leave their apartment ninety eight percent of the time nor have any kind of a social life that they should stop feeling sorry for themselves and that they have a life. For those of us who have this severely, there is no life from this disease.

    I am sick of people constantly saying that CFIDS/ME is not worthy of treatment or research money or any kind of help and that is why I responded to the original post. This disease is just as worthy and in many cases, more so, of real help.
  14. outofstep

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    I totally agree with you.

    Someone posted recently that they sent an email to Wessely offering CFS blood for Wessely to transfuse into himself. I think that every celebrity-type who mocks CFS should get this offer.
  15. kriket

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    First of all my dad has chronic kindey failure !!!!!!!! Second of all I have fibro/cfs. My dad WILL DIE without a donor !!!!! I am sure he would trade places with me if he could ! I DO NOT THINK ANYONE HAS A RIGHT TO SAY ONE WORD ABOUT ANY DISEASE UNLESS YOU ARE LIVING IT !!! Bill O'Reailly, well consider the idiot, all he wants do do is argue ! The other night Saturday Night Live was making buf fun of cfs and it upset me really bad. I do think we need to speak out against these ignorant people that have no room to speak about something they do not understand!!! ENOUGH SAID !!!

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  16. Forebearance

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    Well, everyone knows that Dennis Miller and O'Reilly are just a_ h_ s.
  17. TeaBisqit

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    SNL has a long history of making fun of our illness. And they have gotten away with it since the 80's. That's why I no longer watch their show.

    Kriket, this thread is NOT about kidney disease. And if you read my posts you would know that I was NOT referring to people who need transplants. I was referring to the ones who lead perfectly healthy lives with one kidney. This thread is about how people constantly demean CFIDS/ME/FM and decide that it is not worthy of any kind of help or research because they think every other illness in the world is more important. It doesn't matter whether they mentioned kidneys or anything else. They could have mentioned people with ingrown toenails and they would still think ingrown toenails were more important than doing anything for CFIDS/ME/FM.

  18. quanked

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    to really trigger some people. The USA has many programs that could be considered socialist--the ones jaminhealth cited--corporate welfare, the fbi, and others--we all benefit.

    It is the shame of this country that we do not have better health care and socialized medicine. Many other countries do have better health programs, higher life expectancies, lower infant mortality rates, etc. It is time for the USA to get with it.

    And on the subject of who has the worst disease--in defense of tea--at least those suffering with kidney disease can count on sympathy and compassion and unfortunately, in some cases, death. From what I have read here some people suffer greatly with CFS and FM. It would be like having a terminal illness in the last stages but it goes on and on and on with no end in sight. Having watched others die I am certain that when the end comes it has to be a relief.

    The lack of compassion and understanding is tough to bear. I sometimes still wonder if I have lost my mind and have convinced myself that I am sicker than I really am. I just come here to do some reality checking.

  19. luckyman

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    Fibromyalgia and CFS, or M.E. can have a devistating effect on one's life. It is nothing to be joked about by late night TV. Do a search on Fibromyalgia+quality of life, or Fibromyalgia + sf-36, or sf-12. You may have to poke around a little, but our disease has as much as, or more impact on our lives than almost any disease where the sf-36 is used to determine the quality of life. Maybe some don't have it too bad, or maybe have been misdiagnosed. I feel that it is particularly nasty, and it has been confirmed through well designed studies. Perhaps I'm swayed because I have a more severe form from what I have read.

    We need to educate others, including whatever advocacy work we can do. There is always someone that is worse off, however I don't think we should dwell on that, or wallow in our own misery and let it consume us. There would be outrage if other well known and appropriately named diseases were the butt of the same type of jokes. The problem is there are a large number of people, doctors included that are laughing! Change the disease to M.S., Rhumetoid Arthritis, Lupus,.... and nobody would be laughing, and there would be consequences to pay.

  20. TigerLilea

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    I am one of those people who doesn't get out much, and my social life is pretty much non-existant. I have two choices. I can sit around and dwell on the fact that I have CFS and do the poor old me routine, or, I can make the best of my situation. I have chosen to make the best of each day. The other choice just left me feeling very bitter and angry at the world. I got sick of feeling that way and chose to change my attitude.