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    I noticed on one of your posts that you were on crutches for one year. Could you tell me more? I've been on crutches for 7 months, mostly for weakness in my legs. I'm beginning to get discouraged that I'll ever get off them and I'm only 29. Did you use them for fm or for an injury? I use the forearm kind. Is that what you have? How did you manage to get off them? I'd appreciate any info.

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    Hey there!

    Just wanted to respond for you. I'm kind of glad there's someone so close to my age on here. Not that you're the first, but most our age don't chat much online (no offense to anyone!). Anyways, I was on the actual underarm crutches like you'd use for an injury, but I had no injury! I got really frustrated from being on crutches all the time, so I even started taking part in gym classes (I was in 7th grade) on them! LOL. But I could only tell you to hang in there. I managed to ween myself off of them VERY SLOWLY. Like, taking a long hot bath and walking as slowly as possible from the bath to the bedroom. For some reason, the hot bath helps. I guess b/c it relaxes your muscles. But only do little bits at a time so you don't stress your body out too much. And always make sure you have your crutches close at hand or someone walking with you. I hope I have helped!

    Friends in Fibro,

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    That must have been hard,being on crutches in 7th grade. Did you use them because of leg weakness or because of pain? Did you start to use them gradually or did you suddenly find you couldn't walk without them? Do you still ever use them for long distances? I went from a cane to 2 canes to 2 crutches in about 3 weeks. Although I have pain, I use the crutches for weakness which I would describe as a sense of heaviness in my legs. Sorry about all these questions but there aren't to many people I can talk to about this.