fragrnce and stinkers

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  1. woofmom

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    People who smoke cigarettes are now called "smokers". A lot of us with these new diseases are sensitive to fragrance. What say, we refer to perfume wearers as "STINKERS".
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    ...are "insensitive stinkers". If they only knew the distress they can cause to someone who is sensitive to them they would quit bathing in them...but I doubt it.

    I was in an elevator a while back...a lady had some perfume on that I was particularly sensitive to. I thought I was going to have a full blown attack of some sort.

    My face went numb, could hardly breathe. I had to pull the top of my shirt up to cover my mouth and try to get block out the odor...didn't work.

    She asked me what was wrong....I told her. Your perfume is killing me...I am panting as I say this...and she looks at me like I am crazy...argh...some people. OMG...the doors couldn't open soon enough for me.

    I do not have asthma...I can't even imagine how those who do-survive this type of thing.

    The odd thing is I smoke and it [smoke] does not bother me....before anyone says anything I am a considerate smoker...LOL ;)

    Interesting post,

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  3. woofmom

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    Believe it or not, I've had some people apologize to me when they see how it affects me. Maybe it's because they knew me before I got sick. A very few years ago I was energetic quick witted and very funny. GOD forgive me, but I HATE the @%&*#!^# who put aspartame and other poisons out there. I believe you pay after you die, but I want to see them suffer while they're still on this earth.
  4. kjfms

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    ...sorry you have had such a rough time. I hope it gets a little better soon.

    Here is to perfume free days,

  5. jbennett2

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    I like that name. A few years ago there was a lot of publicity out there in the public about making more people aware of others' sensitivities. I think everyone has forgotten it by now.

    Time for another awareness campaign.
  6. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I'm also MCS. For me it's all fragrances, if they wear perfume too, it's just the icing on proverbial poison cake. And people don't realize just how layered upon layered they all are w/ artificial fragrance. It's in your hair, make-up, clothes, bath products, and then you walk around totally perfumed from whatever air fresheners or scented candles you use at home. Lets not forget that all cleaners, dishsoaps, and even boot polish is fragranced too. You can even get scented sanitary products, scented garbage bags (they like to call it odour blocker or Gladguard, and so called unscented products always have a "masking product" (aka milder fragrance).

    All these fragrances aren't made from flowers, far from it, they are laden w/ neurotoxic, carcinogenic and exitotoxin chemicals. And people are so perplexed over and over at how I can smoke. "It's not so much the tabacco, it's all the chemicals they put in it", they like to exclaim. And then they go home, light a candle, renew their plug in airfreshener, and open a container of MSG/sulfite laden processed food (product) and think they are chemical free because they don't smoke. They'll be scratching their heads wondering how they got cancer too.

    I can't get people to understand that smoking 5/day, outside only, is pretty minimal compared to hwo the average N. american lives and eats and breathes in in a day.

  7. woofmom

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    I stopped using and now try my best to avoid any fragrance. Last week I wore pjs that I hadn't worn for several months. My symptoms returned. I had used detergent and fabric softener containing fragrance the last time I washed them. They put chemicals in fragrance to make the "stink" longer lasting. When I changed clothes I improved immediately. Last night my legs had an itchy rash that I hadn't had since I stopped using fragranced products. After trying and trying to figure out what caused it, I think I found the answer. I decided to try fragrance free Bounce dryer sheets. That's the only explanation I can come up with. Maybe I didn't study the label enough. Might contain a "masking" chemical
  8. tinypillar

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    I don't consider myself too sensitive to smells, but some fragrance gives me a huge headache and sometimes the scent in other people's hair products are just as bad.

    I sometimes wear perfume (haven't for a while since it's kinda expensive and I haven't had the extra money to buy any), but I make sure that you'd have to be standing right next to me to even smell it. Maybe that's another reason I haven't put it on my list of priorties since I know other people can have bad reactions to it, and I'm much more empathetic towards others and their illnesses since I've had FM.

    We get at least one email a month at work reminding people to either not wear perfume or to be very sparing with it.