frans toxic mold situation, at home.

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  1. hi all,

    im making my own black/pink/greyish,mold post,as ive lived at this house for 14 years,and for 14 years ive had M.E./CFS/FIBRO/ASTHMA/HAY FEVER.

    just been so ill at this house.

    when we moved here,i was into week 8 of having had a total hysterectomy.

    mold was detected in this house,s wall cavity,and its been one heck of a journey let me tell you.nightmareish.

    anyway.i have lots to tell you about my current mold busting regeme.

    ive been de-molding my house in the bathroom/kitchen and downstairs toilet.for three days now.

    there was pink mold in the grout lines of my bathroom tiles,and tiles near the sink.

    lots of black mold inside all the taps,plugs and their chains.the bathbrush was minging,and you couldnt see the stuff at first.

    but when i used a 3 inch paint brush,dipped in neat bleach,and went over my bath brush,you should have seen the mold come out of it,it was horrible.

    under the toilet tanks,had black mold.

    and the sinks plug holes had a greyish slimy mold in them,that neat bleach couldnt remove at first.

    so i poured neat bleach in the sinks plug hole.stirred it round with a smaller paint brush,then rinsed it with cold water.

    i had to repeat this process four times.leaving the bleach 1 hour each application.

    eventually the grey moldy slime,went away thank goodness.

    im horrified that the mold had remained in my taps,after id treated them a couple of weeks ago.

    and it would seem all my family have at some time drank the cold water from the tap,with mold in it.

    today i litrally painted my whole bathroom with neat bleach,on the 3 inch wide paint brush.the mold is gone for now.i know it will be back.

    but im ready for it.with my paintbrush and bleach,plus face mask.

    ill tell you more in the coming days.

    i hate this mold,and i believe the bug i have in my body is caused by this mold.

    but pumpkin seeds are a godsend to me,and cran juice.

    im feeling better able to cope with viruses and migraines/headaches/fevers or stiffness now.heart is calm too.flutters gone,and eye floaters extremely rare now.

    my body has a sense of internal peace,for the first time in 14 flutters in anything.

    kind regards

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    hi, Fran!

    I'm so happy for you that you are feeling better!

    I had pink mold in my bathroom once, a long time ago. It seemed pretty harmless, but it was unsightly.

    The black mold, though, sounds scary. I remember Lisa talking about her eye floaters back when she lived in her poisoned house.

    Thank you for keeping us updated!

  3. tansy

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    and my heart goes out to everyone trying to deal with this insidious toxin.

    That sense of internal peace is wonderful isn't it; the first time that came back I felt just like my real self again and serenely happy.

    It's always heartwarming to read feedback like this. You did your homework, were willing to give things a try, and deserved the benefits they've given you.

    tc, Tansy

  4. hi all,

    im going to have to buy a new washing machine i feel.

    i have found two patches of black mold just inside the washer,near the rubber seal,where the glass door fits up against the washer.

    this is always emersed in water when the washer is on.

    i cant apply neat bleach to the mold,as it will perish the rubber seal.

    ive had a 2 hour boil wash on,and it couldnt shift the mold.

    i applied neat detol disenfectant,then did a rinse and spin,and still the mold wont shift.

    so ill have to buy a new washer.

    if i never see mold again,it,ll be a miracle.

    take care

    love fran
  5. hi all,

    i ripped up my carpets in the living room and hall.

    this coming weekend we are laying laminate floor boarding.

    ive attatched a very wide paint brush,to a long pole..using duck tape,lol.

    im going to litrally paint the floors and skirting boards with neat bleach,and let it dry.

    this is to deep clean my floor,incase any mold spores are hiding in the floors know in the cracks.

    i suspect it will be there.

    im at the hospital about my jaw and face cheek problems tomorrow.

    ill let you know what is said to be the problem.

    but all is calm while im eating pumpkin having no suffocation at night now.

    not having to take any pain meds at all,and no migraine when thunder/low pressure comes to my town.

    kind regards

  6. jenbooks13

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    Fran, if you're getting all that mold everywhere, there is too much moisture in your home generally and too many leaks. It might be wise to get a dehumidifier. If mold keeps coming back, bleach only kills what is on the surface.

    Secondly, laminate flooring is very unhealthy. It is made with toxic formaldehyde glues that offgass large amounts of formaldehyde for the first six month to two years. Please reconsider laminate flooring.
  7. many thanks for your advice on my laminate floor boarding.

    the floor isnt layed down yet,but the boards have been in my breathing space for over a week now.

    ive not been troubled with my breathing,while being near them.neither has my family.

    so i feel i can go ahead and lay them down on my floor this weekend.

    i did smell a horrible smell from my bike.its kept in the hall.

    its now been disenfected,and is kept out of the house now.its smell was rancid,so i know the tyres had infection on them.

    take care all

    love fran
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  8. hi all,

    a while ago i reported on here that i smell gas,when i go on my garden.

    and do you know what?

    the gas company has turned up on our street,and is going to re do all the gas pipes around our area.

    so my nose prooved to be correct on the gas smell out doors,around our area.

    i might have saved lives and money.

    patting myself on the back,as i type.

    love fran
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  10. hi all,

    as many of you may already know,ive been drinking cranberry juice,morning and night.

    eating two level table spoon fulls of pumpkin seeds,at 7.30pm,and this has been detoxing my body.

    i take one odourless garlic capsule with my breakfast.

    but since ive been dissenfecting my body with 1 capful of dettol antiseptic dissenfactant,and litrally pouring it over myself after ive washed my body and hair with my usual things,

    well since im doing that,im having mold spores coming out of my body,big time.

    im washing my towels,and clothes that ive just taken off,emediately.

    and although im having a severe bought of FIBROMYALGIA/CFS,im now starting to feel less of a drunk feeling in my head.this is great news.

    im also on day two of having a antibiotic nasal treatment,which is to last five days.

    today which is day two,i feel the head fog lifting big time.i feel blessed.

    scary stuff with the mold spores coming out of my body though.

    love fran
  11. hi all,

    because im on a low income,i cant continue to have two showers a day.

    so this is what i am doing in the morning...

    i have a bucket,and ill fill it up with warm water.

    i stand in my bath and wash myself down,using my normal soap.

    then i refill the bucket with fresh warm water,and wash my hair with vosene shampoo.then rinse myself down from the bucket.

    finally ill re fill the bucket with warm water,and add one capful of dettol antiseptic dissenfectant.

    i will then get my sponge and litrally keep covering my whole body with the water from the bucket.

    ill save some water to rinse the mold spores,that have come off/out of my body,and are in the bath,,,down the drain.

    today while im having my nasal antibiotic and being careful not to touch my nose at all,so not spreading what ive got to feeling well in my head.

    still fatigued,but pacing myself between chores.

    im seeing black floaters in my eyes today,but they dont look like segmented worms,thank goodness.

    they look to be pieces of black bits,could it be mold spores? id say yes to that.

    ill keep dissenfecting my body for many months i feel.

    take care all,love fran
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  12. Forebearance

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    Hey Fran,

    I am very curious about something. What do the mold spores look like when they come out of your body?

    I'm glad you have a washing plan that helps you.

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  13. hi all,

    the mold spores that are coming out of my body are like grit,but black.

    some are small,and some a bit bigger.

    ill have tiny pin prick spots on my arms,and was wondering if these are the places that this gritty black spore type stuff is coming from.

    ive been very shocked at seeing whats coming out of my sinks taps.

    we have a bathroom upstairs,with a toilet,and then we have a toilet downstairs too.this downstairs toilet has a sink next to it.

    the room is very small,has no windows,and just has a extractor fan,that we can switch on to get rid of smells.

    this tiny toilet room is always in the dark,as its not nice to leave the door open,else visitors would see the toilet when entering our hallway.

    anyway,as many of you may know,ive been treating all our house taps with diluted bleach every night,as i found a greyish mold living inside my taps.

    i squirt this diluted bleach up the taps nightly,and have been doing this for one week i think.

    the downstairs toilets sink taps,have revealed a real eye opener just yesterday morning.

    when i woke up,and went to this toilet.i saw that its sinks taps,were covered just were the water comes out,about a inch up,with black mold,simular to what im seeing coming out of my body.

    ive always used the hot tap to wash my hands after ive used the toilet.

    and horror of horrors,ive used it to clean my teeth,instead of using the kitchen sink.

    but for the past five days ive used the upstairs sink for teeth cleaning,and never rinsing my mouth out with tap water,but rather with pre boiled water,that i keep stored in my fridge.

    im now left with having to keep bleaching the black mold off my taps,in hopes of getting rid of it.

    it just looks like someone painted my taps black.its horrible.

    i darent touch it,and my hubby wont deal with it for me,the coward.

    my landlord is coming tomorrow,for another issue,im going to show him the state of these taps.

    i think the mold loved living in these taps,because its always dark in there,there is no window to let light in.

    love fran
  14. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Thank you for answering my question, Fran. That is amazing and shocking that that is happening to you! Wow.

  15. hi all,

    i got the days wrong about my landlord visiting us,as regards repairs,and i was gonna ask him as to what i should do with my black mouldy taps.

    anyway,he,ll be here on either monday this week.i have it written down on the calendar,to remind me.

    ill let you know what he says,as regards this tap mold.

    the blighter still hasnt died yet,and ive been bleaching it three times a day for about two weeks now.

    what sort of a organism can it be?and why so stubborn to bleach?

    love fran
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  16. jenbooks13

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    I doubt mold is living in your taps either. Mold needs carbs to grow, like cellulose (wood, gypsum on sheetrock etc). Pipes can get rusty and get encrusted with sediments and minerals that can look black or grey. If you're throwing bleach in there you may be corroding it so it is coming off more easily. Perhaps you're wiser to just run your tap for a minute so it runs clear, and/or use a water filter.

    Mold spores are not visible as grit coming out of your skin. If your body were colonized with mold it would likely be in the mucus membranes such as sinus and lungs. You would be coughing up phlegm as a result and a sputum sample could be analyzed to determine which fungi or bacteria are present. In addition, people can get rashes in moldy areas with exposure to mold, but they don't see grit as mold spores coming out of their skin.

    You may have a mold problem in your house but some of what you are seeing and interpreting as mold does not sound like mold.
  17. busybusymom

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    I've had mold toxins coming out of my body for several years - did not know what it was until 2005.

    The description of "pin prick" is very accurate. Mine first look like a mosquito bite, then w/in a day it changes into what looks like a mosquito bite with a very distinctive "pin prick" in the center, it then blisters, breaks open, and leaves a beautiful scar. I have scars up my arm that are hideous. Also my thigh. These show up on my hands as well.

    I've never had any thing, such as what was described oozing from these lesions, but I don't find it impossible. I believe we all expel these toxins differently based on the length of exposure and our bodies.

    Mold in my home triggered this whole DD.

  18. kd25

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    I know mold in my apartment at the time caused my CFS and Fibro too. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a doctor or any resources to support my opinion. Have you?
  19. hi all,

    first let me tell you that today,im feeling much better,and it would seem its thanks to me taking piriton allergy tablets.

    ive had to stop my pumpkin seeds,and garlic tablets,on the paramedics advice.he thinks im having a reaction to something.

    i told him that im very troubled while breathing in mold spores,and that ive got a prickly sensation on my skin all the time.when i go outdoors,it feels like my skin is crawling.

    ive to stop washing my body in dettol,as it has dried my skin out,and i have very low blood pressure.

    he said i was having a severe panic attack,which simulated a heart attack.

    i wasnt taken to hospital,but managed,with the paramedics help,to gain control of the situation.

    he said,i shouldnt let the pollen/grass allergy allow me to become housebound.

    and its early days yet, as regards me getting the full benefit from the piriton allergly tablets.

    but hopefully they will make it so as im able to breath outdoors ok.

    he also said that because i had been on amitriptyline for 14 years,and had decided to come off them due to my tongue swelling up,and suffocating me (thats stopped now).

    well he said,even though i weaned myself off the amitriptyline,over a two weeks period,its still early days yet.

    he thinks im detoxing the amitriptyline out,still,and its having a weird affect on my body.

    he feels thats why my skin feels crawly.

    so im just on the piriton tablets,and my asthma sprays now.

    i do think the mouth wash ive recently bought was giving me some problems.

    the crawling skin seems to indicate that my body isnt happy with something that has just gone into me.

    take care all,love fran
  20. hi all,

    my ladlord saw the tap mould,or whatever the black stuff is,that is on my taps in the downstairs toilet.

    he said he,s getting someone to come and replace all the houses taps.

    love fran