frans visit to the doctor,june 2008

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  1. hi all,

    i went to my doctor this morning,and she,s given me a sick note,to be off work for two weeks.

    the illness that she has entered down on my sick note is fibromyalgia,and she says that im very chronically fatigued,so thats why i feel faint when standing up,and i have that continual sleeping illness back again.

    she asked about my nose situation,and i told her i developed a nose blister after haveing had a operation in 1988 for etopic pregnancy and ctst on the other ovary.

    i told her that no doctor has bothered to listen to me when ive asked for help before,as regards this blister and nasal passage infection.

    i told her about that rancid taste that i get dripping onto my throat monthly too.

    anyway,im now waiting to go to ear nose and throat department at my hospital.


    to be applied in the nose three times a day.

    ive started that today.

    the leaflet says...

    ..why you need to use this medicine..

    BACTROBAN NASAL OINTMENT,is an antibiotic does not contain penicillin.

    your ointment acts against a certain type of bacteria (STAPHOCOCCUS AUREUS)in the nose.

    these bacteria can be spread on the hands,or when breathing or sneezing,and can cause problems with skin or wound infections to yourself or other people.

    when the nose problem is sorted out,she,s sending me for chest xrays to see if any work asbestos,has gone into my lungs.god i hope it hasnt.

    i told her that i seem to be having mold spores coming out of my ears and finger nails,and have been living with mold in my rented house,for 14 years now.

    she wouldnt even talk about mold,so i didnt push it.

    anyway take care all,love fran
  2. hi all,

    i told my doctor that when i got bitten on my right hand finger,the other night,i got a sort of body muscle paralasis on the right side of my body,migraine behind my eye too.

    but my left side of the body remained ok,soft muscles.

    she said id had a allergic reaction to the bug bite.

    i wish i had seen the bug,to know what it have killed the little blighter.

    love fran
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    Hi Fran--I'm so pleased you've been given two weeks to rest. It sounds as if the doctor takes your FM very seriously and thinks that bed rest will be helpful. Hopefully the medication she gave you for the nose blister works quickly. That would worry me too after so many years.

    Anyway, rest up. I'll be thinking healing thoughts for you.

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    If I were you, I would not start the nose medication. If you go to an ENT specialist, they will want to culture it, I would hope, and it will be gone by then.

    Does that make sense? Not that I think you should suffer but it would be a shame to clear it up, go to the ENT doctor and nothing is there. Then you have to wait until you get it again.

    How long do you think it will take to get in to see the ENT doctor?

    I know you are being very careful about germs, so I don't have to tell you to hand wash, hand wash, hand wash.

    All the best,
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    Great that you finally got some answers. Your doctor sounds awsome. The ENT may be able to give you some additional advice.

    I know that you have not been feeling well. Good for the doctor to have you get some rest for once. I know that tired feeling.

    Do you think you might be able to get on disability?

    Please take care of yourself and let us know how you are doing?

    Lots of gentle hugs here.
  6. Forebearance

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    Hi, Fran,

    I'm so glad you found a good doctor. I wish she would listen to your concerns about mold, though. It's so hard to find anyone who knows anything about it.

    Dr. Shoemaker says people with mold poisoning often have a MARCONS infection in their nasal passages. Don't ask me what MARCONS stands for!

  7. hi all,

    the doctor that i saw yesterday was a woman doctor,and she was very understanding,kind infact.i thanked her for not raising her voice at me.

    she said....why would i do that?

    i just said,well most doctors only ever shout at me for some un-know reason,and all i want is advice and medication for something that ive not been treated for in 20 years...the blister.

    i told her abbout the last doctor that i saw,and i said..

    in my opinion he needs something to calm HIS nerves,something for his stress.

    my husband came to the doctors with me.its about time i got some support from him too.

    ive felt so alone just lately,but ive been very grateful,as ever,to all of you here,for your support to me.

    you are the best,my friends.

    the doctor said that its very easy to pick up many germs/viruses,while working in schools.


    in answer to the questions that you have asked me,,,,

    i think i might have to wait well over a month to see the ear/nose/throat specialist,on the NHS.

    my treatment is for five days only.then i go back to my doctor in two weeks time.

    my doctor wanted me to have amitriptyline again,but i said no,as i couldnt breath at night while taking it.

    id been on it 14 years,before.

    she wanted to send me to the fibromyalgia pain management course,but i told her id already been to that a couple of years ago,and wasnt going back.

    they flog you with heart straining excersizes,im having none of that.

    im not thinking of going on disability,as im hopinh i can get well enough again,to return to my job in the future.

    i love my job,but want my boss to stop putting too many work demands on me,,as regards me having to cover for others who are off with ill health.

    i also want him to decontaminate my works store room of the asbestos.

    my husband is having a talk to him today about that.

    take care all,and many thanks for your kind words to me,and for your support.

    love fran
  8. hi all,

    since id been worried about parasites,asbestos and my suffocating events,all had gotten to my nerves.

    i dont want nerve medication though,i just need my pumpkin seeds,cranberry juice,and dettol my nasal antibiotic

    i watched a drama documentary on bbc 1 the other night,about florence nightingale,and it stirred up a past traumatic event in me.

    i broke down and told my husband about this horrible hospital delivery room trauma,that i went through,in 1990,while birthing my last child,a son.

    i just let it all out to my hubby,and its the first time ive opened up about it all to anyone, other than you good people here..

    i basically re lived it,the other day.and it was horrible.i cried myself dry.

    i do feel better now that its out in the open,and im going to ask if i can have councilling for it.

    my husband hugged me,and was angry at the hospitals treatment of me.he knew nothing about it before now.

    i need this 1990 memory gone from my mind,once and for all.

    i need the work asbestos gone too,and black mold spores that are in my body just now.

    im working on all things,and am grateful that my husband is supporting me at long last.

    love fran
  9. gapsych

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    Here you have been holding this inside for all these years. I am glad that you were able to express what happened to you.

    Just because it happened long ago, does not mean the hurt and anger are gone.

    I ued to tend to hold in my emotions, actually my whole family, but over the years, I have learned that having something festering in your heart is painful.

    I bet it felt good to be able to tell this to your husband and how supportive he was to what you said.

    Take care,
  10. jaded_lady

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    I would definetly agree on a test on your nasal drainage if it has been long term thing.

    Have you had tests for Hodgens Lymphoma? I don't know how they test that.

    I hope someone here with all the mold entries can help with your mold concerns.

    I don't know if you have mold coming out of your body, but the morgellon's is a definite possiblity.

    While you are off work, see if there is a connection with abestos, mold and your creeping feelings.

    The mold may be doing all of that. Keep us updtaed and good luck.

    I am concerned the Dr. didn't want to discuss the mold.

    If you have mold in your house, leave!! Move in with someone or rent a place, but get out if its the black mold!!
  11. hi all,

    i got ill with a vertigo thing and severe fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue flare up,three weeks or more ago.

    yesterday i put vaseline around my eyes,sat outside for 10 mins,then showed my husband my eyes.

    there were mystery fibres sticking to the vaseline on my eyes.

    my husband pannicked,took us all in the house and shut all doors and windows.

    these fibres go through my clothes while outdoors,and prickle my skin,causing a pin prick blood bleed.

    im washing myself,then completely coveing myself in a bucket of warm water,with half a capful of dettol antiseptic dissenfectant in it.

    then covering myself in vaseline.

    ive bought some allergy tablets that im taking three times a day, called PIRITON.

    the skin pricking hasnt stopped though.

    on a scary point.

    all us council tennants got letters a few weeks ago,saying that random tests were being carried out at certain properties,to see if the properties contain asbestos.

    im horrified about this.

    is it possible the roof insulation at these properties,that must be many,many years old,has asbestos in it,and thats why outdoors is toxic to me?

    strange though that my current bad flare up,and vertigo,only started up about three or more weeks ago.

    i remain extremely worried as regards asbestos.

    detoxing myself as usual,but i just cant breath outdoors,so have become house bound.and i hate it.

    love fran
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  12. hi all,

    i thought id let you know whats happening to me still.

    well i feel that the vertigo is getting better thank goodness.

    i went to the ear,nose and throat specialist yesterday,and he inserted a fibre optic camera up my nasal passages.

    theres no sign of cancer,or polips (spelling),thank goodness.

    i told the specialist about the lady at work using coustic soda,in my work enviroment,and me becoming ill.

    he said in his opinion,ive been severely exposed to dangerous fumes.and my boss should deal with this worker,to make sure it doesnt happen again.

    im on sick for one more week and hopefully things will be back to normal.

    im to have a swab done of my lady area as i have a slight discharge,but have no womb,and it could be a dryness issue,says my doctor.

    im to continue with my cranberry juice,and drinking water regulary through out the day.

    i have no tingles when passing i think that means i dont have a kidney infection.

    i told my doctor how my boss cant talk in a calm way to anyone,and she said i should give him some advise when i return to work.and that is...

    im not deaf,so please dont shout at me.

    why do men always have to shout?

    take care all,love fran
  13. hi all,

    i read in my newspaper,that at the time id reported here,about the mystery fibre floating outdoors,that was making me extremely ill...well...

    alot of people who are against genetically modified crops,had attacked a entire field,in the uk.and destroyed the crop.

    now the government only has one field of this form of crop, left.

    the genetically modified crops are dubbed (frankenstein foods),over here.

    maybe some plant spores from these crops,floated over the country.

    i remember in the 1980,s that a oil tanker had got damaged off the uk coast.

    and a cloud of its toxins had wafted over the uk.

    many people were overcome with breathing problems,at that time.

    anything is possible in todays world.

    i knew something wasnt right outdoors.

    take care,love fran
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