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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pw7575, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Since I got CFS my work has let me work from home updating their website. Maybe once a year I might make an appearance on a day that I feel up to it and my boyfriend drives me. But today my boss called and wants me to come to the staff meeting on Nov 7th. I am really freaking out about this because my work is an hour away. I can't drive that far...I can barely ride that far in the car when I am not driving at it usually flares my symptoms.

    Also I have to be there early and I usually get out of bed at noon. If I wake up before my body is ready I feel like crap. So I am not only worried about the driving but also getting up so early. I don't know if I can do this.

    PLUS they want to do lunch since the meeting will be the day after my birthday but I really have to eat BEFORE I leave the house or I will be too sick to drive so I dont think I will be hungry. I dont want to be rude and not eat at my birthday lunch. Plus I am vegan so I dont have too many options for eating out at restaurants. They may not have anything that I can eat there.

    If can even handle the drive out there I am affraid I will be too sick to drive the hour back home.

    OH I am stressing so much about this. And we all know that stress is BAD for CFS. I don't want my actual birthday weekend to be crappy because I am stressing about work and making my symptoms flare up.

    What should I do? My boyfriend says he will take off of work and drive me if I want him to but I dont want him to waste what little days he has off driving me to some work meeting. Plus what would he do while I was at the meeing? Plus my boss would be like oh he took off of work to bring you? we didn't want that. I dont know what they would think of that.

    Oh and to top it all off they want me to get another doctors note (saying that I am too sick to come in to the office) since they are redoing my telecommuting contract to reflect my new address. I haven't gotten a note in 3 years. I just got a new doctor since I moved and have only seen him once. I am not sure that he will give me a note saying that since he doesn't really know me or my history. I am not sure what will happen if I can't get a doctors note.

    I dont know what to do!!! I am freaking out about this.

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    Thank you Linda...I am going to try to relax about this. I know that stressing about it is only going to make me feel worse.

    I have to try to think of the positives. My boss has been pretty supportive of me and is a nice person. I am sure she will be understanding if I need to have my boyfriend drive me or if I need to cut my trip short if I am not feeling well. Plus she is vegetarian herself so I am sure she will also understand my vegan limitations.

    I think you are right...maybe I should let my boyfriend drive me. I am sure he would welcome the day off of work even if it is to drive me to a meeting. I am sure he could find something to do near by while I am at the meeting. That would probably be the best thing for me right now. I used to drive a lot but lately with feeling worse and the anxiety it is probably best for him to drive me since it is so far. I hate to put people out but I guess with this illness I need to get over feeling guilty about people helping me.

    Hopefully my doctor will give me a note. I guess that should be my main concern. I would hope that my boss would work with me if I have trouble getting a note from the new doctor. Maybe she will give me more time if I need it.

    I hope it all works out and I am going to try not to stress out about it all.

    Thank you for your reply!

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