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    CHECK THIS OUT!!!! we have been discussing common nationalities and low body temps and weight my dh talked to a guy who recommended this is
    it says that we can have all the symptoms of low thyroid and low body temp and slow meatbolism without the lab tests showing a messed up thyroid...

    please check this out and respond...i think it is worth a addresses so many of the things we have in common and have been talking about lately....i am going back to finish reading it! but i could not wait to let others know...i am curious to hear what others think!

    it says that it is common in people who historically have suffered american indian, irish...etc...things we have been suspicious of...and lots of us have weight is just strange!

    let me know what you think!!!thanks!
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    The information that Dr. Wilson provides is interesting.

    Regrettably, all of our problems aren't related to an underactive thyroid. I went on his protocol and ended up feeling "sped up" and sick.

    It was worth a try though...

  3. ilovepink4

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    please, can you give more info...i am very curious about this...,is this similiar to the 'sugar' treatment i heard about here...some liquid sugar thing was giving people energy...??

    it doesn't sound olike it adressess the pain factor....

    there are so many on the GUAI treatment plan...but that one sounds soooo hard..i am waiting to see their results...

    the guy that told my dh about this website had athritis and used some other treatment this guy talks about but this Wilson went on to say if you have low body temp that particular treatment would not work but then he had this theory on the low body temp thing...

    please share what you tried and what happened....thanks! pink
  4. JenniferAnn539

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    As I recall, the treatment involves getting a compounded thyroid supplement from a pharmacy, I obtained mine from Hopewell Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy in Hopewell NJ that ships rx's. (

    They will provide graduated doses of the thyroid supplement. You start with the lowest dose, which I think you need to take every 12 hours (or 24 hours), precisely. At the same time you take your temp at a specific time(s). You keep increasing the potency of the dose until you reach the one that has your temp. in the normal range.

    As I mentioned I did not experience any improvement on this protocol, but it may be helpful to some individuals.

    Best of luck.


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