FREE CFS/ME TREATMENT BOOK!!!! I have a copy and it's great!

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    FREE BOOK! On January 19th and January 20th, 2013, will be giving away free copies of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Treatment Guide, 2nd Edition. Dr. Charles Lapp calls this “the book every patient should have.” The book includes over 100 effective treatments, spanning the full range of pharmaceutical and complementary modalities, an in-depth discussion of symptoms with cross-referencing to appropriate treatments, the latest research into the causes and mechanisms of the illness, doctors' protocols, coping techniques, special sections for managing chemical sensitivities, dietary restrictions and the special needs of children, as well as extensive appendices covering resources, locations of doctors and clinics, local, national and international organizations, and internet ordering information. The book also features over 2600 useful links to further reading, research articles, and patient reviews.

    A Kindle is not needed to read this book! Amazon provides free apps that allow eBooks to be read on computers, iPads, phones and other devices.

    For more information go to:
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    Just bumping this thread to remind people. I went and downloaded my copy this morning. Looks very interesting and informative, but is very long.

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    I just downloaded this about 20 minutes ago, free. I am reading this book now on my computer and there is a wealth of information in it.

    I highly recommend that anyone interested in causes, treatments etc. of fm/cfs download this for free. Its free today and tomorrow.

    You don't need a kindle, just use this link and follow the directions.

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    I have been reading it yesterday and today and it is a fantastic book. It has all the info about CFS that is available up until the book published and all the information and researched is cited.

    I just wanted to post to get this topic to bump this to the top again since today is the last day to get it free from amazon.

    I highly recommend it.

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    Thank you for posting this. I downloaded the book which I have the first edition but this has much updated.