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  1. mindblower

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    Hi, Everyone.

    Noticing the last remaining ME/CFS theories and treatments hanging about tend to revolve around some ever hoped for yet still unproven causal infection, ever controversial cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) as well as the relatively newer methylation block/glutathione repletion/mitochondria treatments, I thought I'd pass along this direct link to a free online preview of Dr Jay Goldstein's ME/CFS book, Tuning The Brain, which focus is alternate to these other theories, seeing ME/CFS as primarily neurological, a neuroimmune disease or neurosomatic as he characterizes it:,M1

    You can ask your doc for trials of the same or similar treatments outlined within, ask him/her to read the book themselves if necessary for this. Also, is the site of the following doc whom anyone with ME/CFS might contact for help in locating someone closest to them geographically familiar with treating it in similar fashion:

    Michael Goldberg, M.D.
    Avalar Medical Group, Inc
    Tarzana, CA 91356
    Telephone 818-343-1010


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    Wonderful advice...thanks so much for this post!

    I knew a man in our SG who went 1000 miles to him regularly and he was helped at first, but never has actually recovered and gone back to work. Seems each time he went, Dr. goldstein asked him what his main symptom was (that day, esp.), and gave him meds in the waiting room and had him wait there to see if that symptom went away. Many patients were sitting that room, and some were pleasantly surprised at the results Dr. Goldstein got with them.

    thanks again,
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    Interesting, thanks for the info, will probly look into it, have been experimenting for years with open minded local docs.
    Hey i have maybe an odd question for you........just curious what motivates you to pass on the info? altruism?
    seriously. just curious, truly.
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  4. mindblower

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    "...what motivates you to pass on the info? altruism? seriously. just curious, truly."

    I could say altruism. I could say "self interest" or "self preservation" just as well and honestly.

    Then even truer, the better answer might be, "I'm simply doing God's work". God is telling me what to do and I'm just his(or her?) obedient and grateful servant in this ME/CFS community.

    And this of course might lead some to speculate that I'm actually "Being God" or that "I am God!". The ever true, enlightened and obligatory ultimate answer to such questions. ;)

    But you asked why do I pass on my ME/CFS info "seriously" and "truly"? To this question the only real, simple and truly honest answer is this:


    She is not doing well like many of us. But she is a very great gal.

    She is very passionate and absolutely committed to getting well. She also happens to be absolutely in love with me.

    Such truths are undeniable! ;) How can I not respond and provide support to her in anyway possible?

    Save LADYBUGMANDY and we save ourselves! Let's all completely support her in successfully conquering all of her ME/CFS symptoms and getting to live a full-health experienced great life.

    She inspires me so. Seriously.


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  5. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    good answer, not what I expected, but it works!

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