free health care for everyone!

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    Well of course iam not advocating anyone do this, but take look at the reality in a comedic sort of way...
    We all struggle for health care. Even when we can afford it, doesnt necessarly mean its going to help our situation. So, why not get it for free? We could go to the store, pick a nice big chain one. Might as well go for lots of variety. Now, you might want to use a basket rather than a cart. Youll have to run eventually. You dont want to have those wheels falling off the thing. Ok, got your list of items needed? Now fill the basket what you need. Pick the light stuff, you know, toilet paper, tooth brush, maybe some cologne or perfume if it doesnt bother you. Now, just walk out the front doors. Oh feel free to run. Of course, with cfs/fibro we wont get too far, but what a Thelma and Louise feeling! -even if it was for just a 10 second sprint. Now the cops come. Your sitting on the curb with all your goodies you took. Your on your way to jail. Hey you get a free ride on the govt. backed transit system. They book you for shop lifting. Now, stop and think for a second. When you were struggle to survive everyday you had no health care. But wait! now, your a criminal for shop lifting, AND now you get it for free! Oh it doesnt sound too bad. Remember those things in your basket? You get your OWN toilet paper, OWN tooth brush, and maybe smell nice too in the whole process. Hey, it could happen... :O)