Free Lecture Wed. May 14th by Dr. Dennis Gersten

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    Free Lecture Wed. May 14th by Dr. Dennis Gersten, MD in North County San Diego


    Dr. Gersten will share his expertise in nutritional medicine, based on 25 years of clinical experience. Learn about 9 critical nutritional and metabolic tests and how they are used to optimize energy, treat chronic illness, stress, depression, PMS, poor memory and concentration, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue and so much more. In addition to his expertise in Amino Acid Analysis, Dr. Gersten will review Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab's Comprehensive Cardiovascular
    Assessment. This test saves lives. These tests also provide the information needed to facilitate peak performance.

    Nutritional supplementation is now a science. Sophisticated laboratory testing takes the guesswork out of treatment by identifying the 7 to 20 primary causes of chronic illness. These tests generate so much positive data that it generally requires 75 minutes to explain an individual’s lab results . . . a far cry from standard, conventional lab testing. And that data provides information to extend longevity and actually avoid chronic illness like heart disease, the number one killer of Americans. Expect an enthralling, life-changing lecture.

    About Dr. Gersten
    Holistic physician, Dennis Gersten, M.D. practices nutritional medicine and psychiatry out of his Encinitas, CA office. As a specialist in amino acid therapy, he has founded (URL removed), the largest amino acid site on the internet. Nationally recognized for his work in complementary and alternative medicine, he has authored “Are You Getting Enlightened Or Losing your Mind?,” “The POW Survival Guide,” and “The Terrorism Survival Guide.” He has consulted to Prevention Magazine/Rodale Press on 18 books as an expert in mental imagery. Combining his expertise in nutritional medicine and mental imagery, Dr. Gersten works with most chronic

    Limited Seating: Call 760-633-3063 to make reservations.
    Date: Wednesday, May 14th, 7:30 p.m.— 9:30 p.m.

    Grand Pacific Palisades Resort and Hotel
    5805 Armada Drive in Carlsbad
    Directions: From I-5 go east on Palomar Airport Road. Turn left at your second light, Armada, across from Costco. Go up the hill one long block and turn left into the Resort.
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    This might be good for people in the San Diego, Orange county area.