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    [I get a free subscription to the NIH (National Institute of Health) Medline Plus magazine. If you are interested in receiving a free subscription and having it mailed to you (all free) that information is at the bottom of this post. Below is the index of articles in the latest issue. I have no connection to this magazine, I just think it is information and worthwhile, particularly for free.]

    Summer 2009 Issue: Volume 4 Number 3
    In This Issue
    Dr. Francis Collins
    Dr. Francis Collins Is New NIH Director

    Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., a physician and geneticist, is the new Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. President Barack Obama nominated Dr. Collins, who served as Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) at NIH from 1993-2008.

    Feature: Senior Living

    * Caregiving and Decision-Making For Seniors: How You Can Help
    * For Dr. Nancy Snyderman's Parents, Staying Close to Family Is Key
    * There's No Place Like Home
    * Assisted Living
    * Long Distance Caregiving
    * Staying Positive and Moving Forward
    * Former WWII Fighter Pilot Finds New Home Near Family
    * Near-Centenarian Makes Friends Quickly in New Home

    HIV / AIDS

    * HIV, AIDS, and the Future
    * The Nation's Top HIV/AIDS Researcher Discusses This Continuing Health Threat
    * HIV / AIDS: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment
    * An Unequal Burden

    Electronic Health Records

    * Electronic Health Records Place 1st at Indy 500
    * EHR/PHR Basics
    * Personal, Electronic, Secure: National Library of Medicine Hosts Health Records Conference

    Celebrating Leadership in Public Health and Medicine

    On May 5th, the 2009 FNLM Annual Awards Dinner celebrated advances in public health and medicine, along with the individuals and organizations dedicated to this cause. The dinner was dedicated to the memory of FNLM's long-time chairman, the Honorable Paul G. Rogers.

    What Most Women Don't Know About P.A.D.

    September is National P.A.D. Month. A new campaign has begun to alert women to the dangers of peripheral arterial disease. P.A.D. can increase heart disease—the No. 1 killer of women.

    Straight Talk For Good Health

    Does this sound familiar? You have only a few minutes with your health-care provider. You say what's on your mind. But, later, you remember something you forgot to ask. Or, maybe you listen to what she says, and then forget parts of what she told you.

    Healthy Weight

    * Healthy Weight: You Can Do It, Too
    * Healthy Weight Loss Starts With a Plan You Can Stick To
    * The Truth About Portion Distortion (Quiz)
    * Russell Morgan's Low-Cal Dinner Delights


    * Heart-Safe Exercise
    * Obesity, Allergy Connection?
    * Check Out Health-Helpful Web Sites
    * Correction

    The Magazine safe website to read the above articles:

    If you wish to receive a free subscription and the magazine sent to your home for free, fill out the subscription form on the safe website below and hit "SUBMIT."
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    Thank you so much. You have provided many here with such good information, not only in this posts but others on the board.

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    I believe information and resources are powerful to help us and sadly can often be hard for us to find.

    It may sound silly, but I wish we had an Information Central on these boards or a board called RESOURCES where we could list stuff. I know the (to find services you might be eligible for) that I put on the Disability Board is important for all to know in case they are laid off, disabled or are struggling so much.
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    I don't think I have been on the disability board for ages. I am going to check it out!!

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    Thanks for posting the link...I just signed up for the magazine:)