Free on line questionare evaluation for FM/CFS. Check it out.

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    Here is a place that you can take an online test for free.
    You don't have to buy anything, and it spells out the tests for thyroid and adrenal function and what the readings should be. Could be useful.

    Go to the endfatigue website. Sign in with a username and password. Wait 10 minutes-
    they will send you an e-mail.
    then go to the "online program" in the box on the left side.
    They will ask for your information, but you don't have to put anything in unless it is required (don't give them a credit card number).
    As you move down the page, you will see the "prepaid code box" and you type the feb2006sf in there.
    Then go to the short form and fill it out.

    I got through with the first 2 pages and then it asks for results from bloodwork (which I don't have a recent one).
    So I have ordered copies of my bloodwork from last summer
    which will take awhile to get.

    I still got a synopsis of what is going on with me (based on my answers to the questions) and a protocol for wellness: some RX and some supplements.
    This is Dr. Teitelbaum's website for those who know of him. I guess he has been treating people for years and has a book "from fatigued to fantastic". I think they sell one of his products in the PROHEALTH store.

    Good luck and let me know how it comes out?
    LOL, Nanna
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