Free research trial for Fibromyalgia in Connecticut

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    For anyone interested and lives in the Connecticut state, they are starting this new trial treatment research center for anyone who has Fibromyalgia. From what I understand, if you call this number..800-707-1308, they will set you up with a Dr. and do an evaluation of your symptoms and discuss new treatment options and new medications they are trying on anyone that signs up or a certain amount of people, depending on how many actually sign up, to do this new trial and treatment plan.

    I saw this on my local channel here and have meant to call and see what they had to say and to ask a few questions, but I haven't had the chance yet. But plan on doing it tomorrow to see and ask how it all works. Has anyone ever done something like this and actually went through the research treatment? Sounds very interesting to say the least!!!

    Of course the whole treatment is free to anyone who meets the I'm assuming that means they might get in touch with your Dr. to ask if you do have this terrible disease...which is fine with me, as long as they can come up with new medications and finding out what the causes are. Which that part was mentioned in the commercial too, and that part caught my attention, seeing they don't know for sure how we got it or what causes it!!

    So, I just thought I would bring it to everyone's attention and see what anyone has to think about it or might think of doing it perhaps. I thought it sounded pretty good, seeing you don't hear much of any type of advertizing about this disease, let alone a research treatment here in Connecticut. I kind of like to think maybe with myself and my Dr. going on the radio and discussing it, might have had an effect or brought it out into the spotlight more did some good. LOL!!!!!Probably just wishful thinking, huh? LOL!!!

    I hope everyone is having a sparkling pain free day!!
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    I just came across this post and am so glad you made it.
    Have you called the #?
    I wrote it down and will be checking it out.

    Another member...Wendy was asking if anyone knew of a study in Ct. so I hope she sees this post as well.
    I am going to add to a thread we CT. folks all posted to about the humidity, etc. in CT.

    Thanks for the info.