freecycle and other places to have help

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  1. homesheba

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    to get things done,.
    i know i didnt word this right, duh!
    but what i mean is that i am finding places that will give you free what you need
    and what others have laying around and dont want anymore. i started with this place called 'freecycle'
    and then it led me to other places in my state.

    tuesday i got around 8 buckets of wonderful paint that a lady didnt want and just gave me!
    i just went and picked it up after posting that id like to have some paint to paint rooms whenever possible.
    also -another person is going to give me some more!!
    just wanted to let you all know
    cause we are pretty poor money wise right now ,
    like so many,
    and every little bit helps .
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    I checked out this site.I think it is a good one.I hope others check it out as well.Thanks,Robin