Freedom From Fibromyalgia - A Five Week Plan

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    The following are "exerpts" from the the book "Freedom from Fibromyalgia. The two authors who are doctors have been recovered for over two years.

    Here goes.....

    After a few years with Fibromyalgia, the tears may stop flowing while the pain pounds on. On some days in self defense, the mind spreads a confusing balm over the brain that makes it seem as if the pain is subsiding. But it also seems to slow down thinking.

    Fibromyalgia sufferers call this "fibro fog" When "fibro fog" comes on, the senses seem powered by a nearly dead battery.

    Many of us welcome fibro fog because it seems the only respite from the near constant pain.

    We drop things, we stumble, sometimes seeming to look like drunks.

    Nobody has ever directly died of Fibromyalgia, but neither has anyone really lived with it. It takes over every life it enters.

    The pain traps you in the moment, and as it digs deeper,the future can become too painful to contemplate.

    Family and friends of Fibromyalgia victims often go through another kind of hell. They watch the pain, helpless to make it go away, even helpless to distract the sufferer long enough to enjoy a bit of life.

    The Fibromyalgia victim is often blamed and isolated, and sometimes divorced or abandoned.

    Alienated by prejudices, misinformation,and conflicting opinions by half-informed family members, doctors, social workers, and insurance claim adjusters, fibromyalgia sufferers find themselves shunted onto islands of isolation with only other fibromyalgia sufferers for company- and believe us, we're not often good company.

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    that a few of his assisted deaths
    were people suffering from CF and Fibro.
    Its terribly sad yes,...
    yet shows the severity of pain and disability that some of us reach~

    I heard one of his assisted deaths was a woman only in her upper 30's with severe Fibro/CF.
    (I wonder how long she suffered with these DD)
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    I don't know how long, but she must have been terribly depressed. I can't believe if she was to that point they could not intervene with some treatment.

    I mean it is not like terminal cancer, or ALS etc. I did not know they were that lenient. I guess he was in Oregon.

    Anyway, not a good subject, thats for sure....