freezing acidophilus

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    I just learned from naturapath that if you freeze acdophilus it actually increases the potencey.

    She has put me on put me on acidophilus (contains no other bifadofalus ((sp)) or anything else), 18billion per tablet, taken three times a day and it is definately helping.

    Busy week, going back to see my previous gp monday and get him to look into kidney stones.

    Wednesday i see my phsyc doc who i have not seen in three months, i had already told him i had stopped taking all meds except lorazapam and immovain, i need to keep seeing him, one because he can be so helpful in getting tests etc and the second he has been the one filling in the forms for my disability. I have to say he has been wonderful.

    In the pm i am to see my chronic fatigue doc who i decided would hopefully work well with the naturapath as she is also into natural remedies. I have a long list of tests requested by the naturapath so going to see how many she is willing to do and also ask the physc doc if he would do any of the ones that she does not want to do.

    Anyway hoping this path will stop this feeling that my body is shutting down


    whatever tests are left i will have to pay for.
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    I've never heard that, everything that I have always read says to NOT let it freeze OR get too warm. I just re-googled it, I don't see anything different.

    They do freeze-dry it tho, which is not supposed to have any deleterious effects on acidophilus, and maybe permits them to have a larger amount bio-available per capsule since there's no problems with fluctating temperatures in handling while getting the bottles to the store or doctors' offices.

    So glad it's helping you already! good luck!

    all the best,